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Friday, November 25, 2016

Price of Cranberries?

While I usually buy fresh cranberries to make cranberry sauce in addition to opening a can of Ocean Spray, this year the cost was too exorbitant to buy fresh cranberries.

Last year, I dehydrated cranberries and stored in canning jars for this year if they were not eaten before. Well, I could not find them in a cabinet after a cursory search at the last minute. I only had the can of Ocean Spray.

I could not find fresh cranberries on sale anywhere.  There was nothing to price match. I really thought that $4.98 for two 12-ounce packages was out of line. All other ingredients for a proper Thanksgiving meal were reduced one place or another.

Fresh cranberries will be on sale somewhere, but "where and when?" I wonder.  The ones out now will not be fit for sale at Christmas, so maybe this next week will be the time they are on sale. Maybe today.

Corrected to correct price  saw--$4.98.

Your turn
Did you find the price of fresh cranberries to be too high?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Exbf told me about this before we ate. I was rolling with laughter.
He told me about this episode of WKRP Cincinnati .  This was 1978, so I was probably doing something else when this aired. '

"I thought turkeys could fly."

I am going into a turkey coma. He just left and I can succumb to the stupor. Later.

Your turn
Did you see this episode? I hope you laughed as hard as I did.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Night Progress

When I awoke this Wednesday  morning, I had slept more than usual and felt a bit better. I think it is because I slept and finally got enough cover on the bed to stay warm. And, the OTCs helped.

The chicken is ready to come out of the crockpot and the Jello is sitting in the refrigerator. At the right time, fruit cocktail, red Delicious Apple, and bananas will go in the big bowl. A little bowl is for exbf and without banana.

I am itching, so I must have gotten whole wheat in the dressing! argh, I hate this.

The list and progress below. This list was a great aid to my memory. Later, I will copy it and put on the refrigerator so I won't forget something in the morning.

So far, I have ready for Thanksgiving:

** things finished

**sweet potatoes
**apple pie

Plans for other food I need to make/cook:
**chicken instead of turkey (Wed)
**cranberry sauce (canned)
**boiled eggs to go into gravy (chopped now)
** deviled eggs
pumpkin pies (not happening)
**Jello fruit salad
**green beans in bowl to heat in microwave
mashed potatoes (nope)


This Thanksgiving is controlled by my energy and now this cold or whatever coming on.

Right now, it's A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for me. My son is probably watching this, too, since Snoopy is his favorite character.

Your turn
Did you watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving? How many times have you left something you prepared in the refrigerator or not served? What was it?

Tuesday and cooking

So far, I have ready for Thanksgiving:
**sweet potatoes
**apple pie

Plans for other food I need to make/cook:
**chicken instead of turkey (Wed)
**cranberry sauce (canned)
**boiled eggs to go into gravy
deviled eggs
pumpkin pies (not happening)
**Jello fruit salad

Today, I went to the church lunch: turkey, dressing,  gravy, corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, pecan pie. Delicious. I returned two items to WM.

Hopefully, I will get two pumpkin pies baked, put the breasts in crock pot, boil eggs.

A guy came Tuesday and carried off the dishwasher for junk. I picked up the cardboard and junk left in yard. I tried to get it up on Sunday, but the dishwasher was on most of the junk. YAY  for not spending almost $230 on delivery, installation, and haul off. He showed up exactly when he said he would and had it in the truck in five minutes. Whew!

Since today is the last day of $0.98 gallons of milk, I bought two, one for me and one for exbf.

I cannot find my pumpkin pie recipe from my mother. So, there will be no pumpkin pie unless I find the recipe.

** indicates what is done.

Your turn
It is 4 pm here and I am getting sick--sore throat.  How are your cooking and cooking and preps and Thanksgiving plans coming together?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I Told You So

People insist they are eating yams and not sweet potatoes. No one believes me when I tell them the facts. Here is the truth about yams and sweet potatoes.

Basically, there are many varieties of sweet potatoes. However, if sold in the store as yams, the word sweet potatoes must be included. That is why you see signs with "Sweet Potatoes/YAMS" in front of the bins.

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that anything labeled "yam" that is not a true yam should always accompanied by the words "sweet potato," but that doesn't always happen. I often see a bin labeled "sweet potatoes" next to a bin labeled "yams" in the grocery store and both bins contain different varieties of sweet potatoes."

Yams are entirely different than any variety of sweet potatoes, no matter what the signs or the grocer tells you.

I read another article that said that unless you were shopping at an African market, you were not getting yams, just sweet potatoes.

You can read all about it HERE.

Your turn
Did you know this info about sweet potatoes and yams?

Monday, November 21, 2016

If I Disappear

The power port on my computer is failing, getting more loose every day. I certainly cannot afford a repair at all. Another Dell failed in the same manner.

I took it to a store and the young man said he would fix it at home for me. I will only have to pay for the part. The store does not repair computers, so he is not cheating anyone. Whew! I am so lucky. He is the young man to whom I gave a bunch of electronics and cords. He carried them and three dozen fruit jars to the storage unit. Come Hell or High Water, I will bake an apple pie tonight. Maybe I will boil the eggs for gravy.

The fifth load of dishes remains in the dishwasher. UGH Must remove them and load it again.

Canning jars, half-pint, are clean and waiting on me. I have put 16 oz. of dates in one jar. Three more bags of the same size await. Plus, another pint has walnuts--16 oz. . And, two more bags of walnuts need to be jarred. I wish these were pecans.  I was surprised that 16 ounces in weight fit in 16 liquid ounces container.

It is so cold in here that baking will be a good idea!

Today, I delivered four Christmas Child boxes. I have more boxes, but my friend did not get out the supplies for them. Oh well.

I tried to clean up after the installation of the dishwasher. There is still all sorts of stuff on the floor. I cannot sweep. I cannot hold the dustpan. Maybe my friend will do that for me. Then, I went into the yard and it looks like a tornado hit. The guy did what I asked and put the dishwasher in. I did not expect him to tidy up.  So, it will all be gotten up by Thanksgiving. Of that I am sure.

The computer is charging now, so all is well on that front for today.

Update: Friday night about 9:30 the pie came out of the oven. Then, I put the leftover cut apples into a tiny casserole with all the pie goodness over them for a snack tonight. Onion and celery have been rehydrated.

Your turn
What will you bake first? Do you wait until Thanksgiving day to cook everything?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fifth Load

When my dishwasher was installed, my back was hurting too bad to do anything but go to bed. Well, I did dip potato and chicken from the crockpot, heat carrots and serve it to exbf. Well, I told you about my effort for his dinner. I don't think I even gave him anything to drink. Poor guy. He is sometimes so tolerant. ...other than trying to get me run down by the vehicle behind,

I went to bed, watched tv, slept and did little for 24 hours. However, I have been busy since then. Just now, I put the fifth load of dishes in the dishwasher. This load is the load still in the dishwasher when they came to replace it for me. I load things where bowls are sort of leaning on the edges/backs of other bowls. Not now. These are dirty and dried, so everything is loaded lightly. I think there will be two more loads. Out of the last four loads, only about six pieces need rewashing and by hand.

A few minutes ago, I had a fright. I thought the dishwasher had quit working. It has a neat feature. It remembers the last settings so that I only have to press wash/resume. Every time I pressed wash/resume, the light came on and then went off. Possibly, I was not holding my mouth right? I don't think I could go through getting this one out and another one in place.

In the meantime, my kitchen is reappearing from the stacks of dishes.

It's only 9 pm, so I may make an apple pie to refrigerate until Thanksgiving. I have to pace myself! I may just get this load out and put another in the dishwasher.

Your turn
Have you started cooking yet? Do you have to pace yourself?

Fifth Load

When my dishwasher was installed, my back was hurting too bad to do anything but go to bed. Well, I did dip potato and chicken from the crockpot, heat carrots and serve it to exbf. Well, I told you about my effort for his dinner. I don't think I even gave him anything to drink. Poor guy. He is sometimes so tolerant. ...other than trying to get me run down by the vehicle behind,

I went to bed, watched tv, slept and did little for 24 hours. However, I have been busy since then. Just now, I put the fifth load of dishes in the dishwasher. This load is the load still in the dishwasher when they came to replace it for me. I load things where bowls are sort of leaning on the edges/backs of other bowls. Not now. These are dirty and dried, so everything is loaded lightly. I think there will be two more loads. Out of the last four loads, only about six pieces need rewashing and by hand.

A few minutes ago, I had a fright. I thought the dishwasher had quit working. It has a neat feature. It remembers the last settings so that I only have to press wash/resume. Every time I pressed wash/resume, the light came on and then went off. Possibly, I was not holding my mouth right? I don't think I could go through getting this one out and another one in place.

In the meantime, my kitchen is reappearing from the stacks of dishes.

It's only 9 pm, so I may make an apple pie to refrigerate until Thanksgiving. I have to pace myself! I may just get this load out and put another in the dishwasher.

Your turn
Have you started cooking yet? Do you have to pace yourself?

Settle an Argument

We have been having this discussion for years. Until Friday, it was a civil discussion, but exbf  has irritated my last nerve over this. Ready?

I have one question. Don't muddy the waters with how we should make an effort to let each other off at the curb. Okay?

He was letting me off in the shopping center so I would not have to walk from the car when he parked out in the crowded parking lot. Lots of people were shopping. Lots of cars were in the driving lane in front of the shopping center.

As I got out of the car, I wanted to cross in front of the car and only have to be careful or hurry across one lane, the one next to the sidewalk. He refuses to allow me to cross in front of his vehicle, holding back the traffic. He says he is in the way and people want to hurry up and drive. He was very emphatic, telling me he had never waited for anyone to cross in front of him, that they always go behind his car. I told him I had never had anyone NOT allow me to cross in front of the car.  No one has ever said to me that I should hang out and cross behind the driver's car.

That means I am deposited and must negotiate two lanes of traffic. He says that is the only way he has ever done it. So, I started getting loud, not screaming. "So, be careful with the feelings of the occupants of car behind you and just let me possibly get hit trying to hobble across two lanes." He knows my knees sometimes almost collapse!

Seriously, the whole idea of letting me out and then parking is so I will be on my feet less and have to hurry less across the one lane of traffic while feeling secure that I won't get hit in the lane we are driving. whew, long sentence. When I let my children out at school, I would never have dreamed of driving away and having them cross in front of the car behind me.

I know I am not a child, but I have never had an adult exit my car and I just drove away. I
allow them to cross in front of the car while I hold back one lane of traffic.

Finally, I yelled at him to let me go in front of his car. He was arguing as I slammed the door. But, I did get to cross in front of him. This has been a ten-year discussion and I am now willing to take a final stand.

I KNOW that circling the parking lot to get me on the curb side would work! But, the question is: do you let the passenger cross in front of your vehicle or cross behind your car, forcing the person to deal with the traffic going both ways? Front or behind?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Almost Dead!

Okay, indulge me in a bit of hyperbole. Actually, after what I have been through, I could be close to dead. I awoke at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep after exbf left at 6 pm. I did not get to lie down the whole time, so my back hurts so much. At times like this, I wish I had strong pain meds instead of an aspirin. This is why I pace myself.

We did a few things after exbf arrived at 9:30. At about 11:30, we were almost at our destination when I received a call that this guy was on his way to my house NOW.

If you remember, I bought a dishwasher about 3 weeks ago. It was almost the cheapest one in Lowe's and on sale. The total after tax was $304. It is a no frills model! VERY basic. Delivery was $79, installation--$120, and carry off of old dishwasher--$27, fill hose--$20. Total for delivery--$246. No way! Why don't dishwashers and washing machines come with fill hoses? Why don't stoves come with the electric cords?

As I was sitting at the church lunch last week, I saw a man walk across the room, going from the dessert table to his table. At that moment I knew this man could help me. I motioned him over and told him about my dilemma--I needed help but not money. He told me to leave my name with the church secretary. I did.

He could not find anyone to help him, so his wife came. Four hours later with two trips to Lowe's, and I have a new dishwasher in place. This guy works on pools, so at least he had a basic familiarity with water and electricity.

We had a chicken in the crockpot. After the guy and his wife came here, I dropped four red potatoes in the crockpot. Reheated  carrots and I called it dinner. At one point when I came home from somewhere, I could smell the chicken and sage from 20 feet from the door.

It's been a long, excruciating day. It is now Saturday morning. But, I can wash dishes! Well, when I can bend to load it, I can wash dishes.

Before exbf could get out of the driveway, I was searching the free ad paper for a haul off and the guy is coming Tuesday. So, there!

No, I don't care how good you are, washing dishes by hand. Be grateful you can stand that long! Just don't be sanctimonious here. I hurt too much. I am typing flat of my back!

Your turn
Have you ever had to pay so much for delivery, installation, and haul away for an appliance? Is this as outrageous to you as it is to me? Do you have a husband or son who can install things for you?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

This and That and Sales

*Dominique won't eat oats. Consequently, she looks like she is shrinking. She is not ill looking or acting, just not eating her oats but everything else. Maybe a drink made of honey, acv, and garlic in water will wake up her appetite. I can hope.

*My last eye exam and measuring for glasses was yesterday. My right eye has almost perfect vision, just astigmatism. The left eye needs more correction for close vision. Far vision is perfect in both eyes. I could read the smallest line!

*Apples--$0.69/lb., price-matched from Sprouts. I have 10 lbs.

*The high will be 80 degrees today. Whaaaat? I cannot get my clothes right for the day or evening. Even taking a sweater on and off is not working to keep me from smothering. Doctor's offices are stifling.

*The car ac quit again. I am still using ac as the car gets hot just sitting in the yard. Plus, it is warm enough to use it! Saturday, I will need the heater.

*Have not used dryer in three months! The wash not hung outdoors is hung inside.

*Another free lunch or three is coming up this next week. I know I will go to one, but the other two are iffy as to my attendance.

*I picked up 20 Christmas Child boxes to fill by next Friday.

*Bought exbf a Batman t-shirt with cape attached by Velcro. It cost $1.08.

*The smoky haze from the Appalachian forest fires has drifted to the east of me. That was weird to go out and see so much haze.

*Since I finally feel well enough to use the curling iron, my self-haircut is receiving rave reviews.

*A hen will go into the crockpot tonight. In the morning, I will add four red potatoes, onion, and celery. Exbf will get all but the breast.

Your turn
Have you found the $0.98 gallon milk? What's going on at your place?

Milk $1 Gallon Heads UP

Aldi has milk for $0.98 gallon. I price-matched at Walmart. Exbf just bought a gallon of milk not on sale, as did I. He wants to take one home to freeze. I will drink it fast enough and don't have freezer space. This ad will be good through next Tuesday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I need a recipe: UPDATE

I want to use two one-pound packages of dried dates to make date balls. Even though I have eaten date balls before, I have no recipe. I found recipes on all recipes but all require cooking then rolling. Is there a recipe that does not need to be cooked at all, either in pot or oven?

PLEASE don't direct me to the internet or a page of links.  Have you ever made date balls that just require mixing and making balls? I cannot find the recipe I know for sure is out there.

UPDATE: I went back and looked at the ingredients on the date balls. The almond date balls had date and almonds as the ingredients. The coconut date balls had coconut and dates. So, it seems two ground ingredients and rolled in either coconut or almonds is the recipe. Anne got it right below. But, I will still appreciate any other suggestions. By the way, 40 date balls, 4 varieties were $8.88. I can do better than that.

Correction above: I have two one-pound packages of dried dates--32 ounces.


Your turn

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Accidental Lunch

About 4:30 mm or so, I was awake for good on Tuesday. But, since I went to bed at 5 pm or so on Monday evening I had about 10 hours sleep. I kept waking up to phone calls and going right back to sleep. My first breakfast was some of a goat cheese log with blueberries embedded in it and water.  My second breakfast was banana, milk, and chicken.

My doctor's appointment ended earlier than usual. On the way home, I stopped for some information and continued on my way. As I turned toward town, there was a sign, "Free Lunch on Tuesday." My car drove itself right in without consulting me.

Many church members and a few poor people attended. It seems churches for a space of time will have lunches or dinners for their members and anyone who wishes to come and eat. Good deal.

I had the best lunch and brought home another for tonight: turkey breast, dressing, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, a roll, iced tea, and choice of dessert. Tonight will be a repeat. I love free food. I love delicious free food even better.

Lettuce was $0.39/head last week, and I bought tomatoes at the market, so a salad and grapes will be my snack later tonight.

Three churches in this town have a free lunch once each month, all for the community and not just the poor. The food is delicious. If I lived in a larger town...okay, just dreaming of lunches I did not have to cook or clean up afterwards, not to mention being free.

Your turn
Do churches in your town ever serve lunches free for the community? Would you be there with bells on?

Managing Vegetables

Last Friday, I was offered all the peppers I wanted. I took three small ones and a jalapeno pepper. Another woman wandered in and said she would just take all of the rest.  ?!?! I might have take another two if I thought someone would take all the rest.

Since I don't eat raw bell pepper, I put one in the crockpot that was started on Saturday. The other two were pickled.

There is a huge jar of Vlasic Stackers, pickles cut lengthwise, in the refrigerator. With only one slice left, it was time to fill the jar with something else. I cut the remaining two bell peppers in slices after coring and put them in the jar. Now that jar has earned the real estate it was holding.

The exbf will eat these if I can remember to put in his salad or put some on his plate. I just cannot eat pickled food.

Dominique will love the bell pepper seeds and my apple core and bit of banana with a bruise.

Your turn
Do you ever put veggies into your jar of pickle juice?

Monday, November 14, 2016

I Hit the Wall!

For the last few days I have felt well and ambitious. Finally, today I had a list of things to do outside the house. Things were going well. When I walked, I was not wobbly. I felt like my communication skills were top notch. Some days, I have had a wobbly walk and words did not come.

Last night, I had three sleep sessions, interrupted by hours of wake and accomplishments. This morning I took from the crockpot a whole bowl of carrots and potatoes, two pounds of each. I was zipping around, making plans, making two lists.

Someone gave me 16 newspaper inserts of coupons. During one of my wake sessions, I clipped coupons and put a bag outdoors on the chair in front of the house. I had called my friend yesterday afternoon to come get coupons today.

Dominique was glad to see me with seeds from the bell peppers, carrot scraps, and chicken. I fed her much earlier than usual because I really felt well.

I got together broken Tupperware, my sewing scissors, lists, coupons, and a bottle of water. I took the Tupperware to a dealer who can get replacements for me. My sewing store guy sharpened my scissors. I bought groceries at WM and price-matched.

For only the third time I went into Aldi's and could not figure out how to get my cart quarter back. I was in there for only a short time. I carried my two items out in my hand and put them in a bag in the car. A bag costs a dime in Aldi and you bag your own groceries. That's okay.

Finally, I went to a third store. The cashier could not figure out what to do with a $4 coupon on a $3.68 package of freezer bags. All of a sudden I had no energy to deal with anything, I just needed to go and asked her repeatedly to just give me the coupon. She refused by ignoring and screaming for help. I was failing fast, so after asking her at least 8 times for my coupon and her refusing to do so, I just got the coupon by a long reach and left.

From that point on, I felt awful, tired, disconnected. It was all I could do to get into the house and put things away. My arms are still so heavy. I have been lying here for a little over an hour. I feel a nap coming on. Hopefully, this passes soon. There are things to do tonight. This whole week I have something to do, appointments, company, just more than I can think about.

Hopefully, this feeling will pass with a nap. This morning I was more energetic than I have been in a year. Right now a nap is overtaking me.

Your turn
Do you ever hit the wall? Do you have to give up and rest?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Crockpot Days, Thanksgiving, Macaroni and Cheese

Saturday, I put seven boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the crock pot with a stalk of celery. When they were cooked, I put in a frozen hen. Both were seasoned with ground sage, salt and pepper.  My Thanksgiving dinner may include one or both of these poultry offerings.

That was followed by two pounds of carrots and an onion and a stalk of celery.  Since I am using the much smaller crock pot, I cannot put in so much. However, it is working out.

There were no potatoes at the Farmer's Market and I failed to go to the fruit stand, a permanent structure that carries flowers, too. A trip to WM was in order for potatoes. Okay, I went to WM and paid almost $5 for a tiny bag of potatoes. The two pounds of carrots I used cost me a quarter last week.

Three days of cooking in the crock pot should yield: 7 chicken breasts, one hen, 4 lbs. carrots, 5 lbs. of red potatoes along with the celery, onions, and garlic. I will put the rest of the potatoes in as soon as I remove the potatoes and carrots in there now, mid-afternoon on Sunday. I am going to search for something else to put in the crock pot to maximize the amount of cooked, ready-to-eat food and minimize spoilage.

People talk about using poultry seasoning on poultry. Today, I smelled my poultry seasoning and prefer to use just sage. I'm not sure why I have this, but I must have decided to try poultry season in the past few years.

Right now, two breasts are in the freezer. Four breasts await me. Well, I think there are four. Five? Did I eat one? They will be the basis of dinners and lunches and snacks. I see chicken sandwiches, chicken salad, chicken casserole, chicken in sandwiches in my future. Plus, the chicken can be part of a meal of cooked vegetables. For variety, I will have a can of tuna in a salad and pimento and cheese.

Even though I have an invitation for Thanksgiving, I will probably just stay home. I have formulated simple cooking plans. I will try for the traditional home-cooked dinner. However, I have choices. Stovetop stuffing, a jar of turkey gravy, and canned cranberry sauce will be here just in case I don't get around to the real deal. Diced boiled eggs can be added to the gravy.  YUM! I have cans of green beans, frozen broccoli, and other vegetables. When I make pumpkin pie and apple pie, I may make them without a crust.

Now, for the most important subject: macaroni and cheese. At home growing up we never had macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving--EVER! I don't understand the importance people assign to it as a tradition.  I have never served it for Thanksgiving and never will. People say this is a Southern thing. Not in my experience!

As a matter of fact, I never remember my mother making macaroni 'n cheese. She may have gotten the blue box for my brother who is much younger and there long after I left home.

Your turn
What have you cooked in your crock pot lately?  Are you planning on a big Thanksgiving dinner? What time of day do you serve it? Is macaroni and cheese part of your Thanksgiving? Do you, as I do, think it is a strange item to serve? Are you from the South and think this is a Thanksgiving tradition?

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Yard Sales

This yard sale was in a poor part of town and unadvertised. I'm not sure why I stopped. But, it turned out well. Everything I picked up, I bought. Nothing was priced! He priced it as I asked.

$2 items:
*A set of white, 100% cotton king-sized sheets with embroidery on pillow cases and top sheet. If If  never have another king-sized bed, these can be cut down, even the fitted sheet.
*Colander new with stickers still on, porcelain over steel, the pedestal and bowl are one piece, not welded. I wonder what this costs and what it would bring on eBay. ???
*Green colander, looks old, but has stickers still on
* pair of size 12 Rockport men's shoes for someone who needs shoes.
* two journal type books
* king-sized top sheet 100% with pink flowers, "Vintage Victorian" on the label. I would love to have this on a bed, but making aprons would work, too.

$1 item:
picture frame with labels, new

The king sheets in the plastic bag they came in and both the colanders will probably be sold. That was my Saturday.

We have had 55 days without rain! Yard sales abound this late!

Your turn
What is your latest yard sale haul? Or any yard sale haul? How did your Saturday go?

Ziploc Alert


Ziploc always has bags decorated for Christmas, pints and quarts. The day after Christmas, they are marked down 50% off and a few weeks later they are marked down to 75% off. For the last few years, I have bought Ziploc storage bags at 75% off. Sometimes, I have coupons which really brings down the cost. This year, I will watch more closely for coupons and maybe order coupons.


I have had four $4 coupons for Ziploc in my purse for several years, $4 off one box. I did not want to lose money by spending the coupons on reduced bags. Finally, I used the $4 coupons.
 I purchased:
a box of 32 1-gallon freezer bags
a box of 38 1-quart freezer bags
a box of 152 sandwich bags.

All boxes of bags were $4.46x3=$13.38 minus 3x/44 coupons=$12.00
$13.38-$12.00=$1.38 oop.

There were boxes holding more bags per box, but the cost per bag is less when you are using a coupon if you apply it to the smaller size/amount whether it is detergent, Ziploc bags, or whatever.

Since I still have Christmas storage bags from last year, I am set. I do hate to have to buy storage and freezer bags even though I buy few. But, I can live with these three boxes costing me $0.46 each.

There is still one more coupon for $4 in my purse to spend when I figure out exactly which size bag I really need to replenish. I think I need pints.

Your turn
Do you ever snag any of the decorative Christmas Ziploc bags when they are marked down? Is there one Christmas item you try to find on markdown after Christmas?

Friday, November 11, 2016

My Brother

G was born exactly 14 months after I was born, on November 11, 1947. He would have been 69 today. I really miss him. We were close.

Mama said she took him to the doctor soon after he was born, thinking there was something wrong. It seemed he only pooped once or twice a day. She laughed about this. She explained to the doctor that I had poop in my diaper every time I peed. The doctor told her I was the one with an abnormal habit.  Since I was the oldest, she just accepted my habit as the norm.

Because I would not allow anything but the tip of a baby spoon in my mouth when I was fed, Mama gave me tiny bites on the tip of the spoon. When G was first eating from a spoon, Mama put a bit of food on the end of the baby spoon. She said he would raise his head, move forward, sort of jump, and get the whole spoon in his mouth. So, she started shoving spoonsful into his mouth and he was happy. Poor baby, having to follow me and my habits.

While I had dark hair and brown skin, he was a pale, translucent-skin little cotton-top. Mama said when we walked outdoors, I was brown after the walk and he was red-faced, red wherever the sun hit him. I was always tanned and he was sunburned.

We ate at a little restaurant in downtown Memphis when we walked to the park when I was two-years-old. He was so tiny and loved beets. I can remember looking at G eating, sitting in the booth beside me and wondering how he could stand beets.

Mama said G would at six-months take his finger and turn the wheels of a tiny car as he held the car. She said she showed him once and he kept doing it over and over.

My earliest memory of him was when he poked out the eyes of my doll, my only doll. I was two and he had just learned to walk. The eyes opened and closed until he poked them. I never, ever, trusted him again with any of my toys. That one incident made me very territorial. He threw a rock at me and chipped my front tooth. I was teasing him, so we both got into trouble. However, I, the injured one, got in more trouble. I learned not to tease when I could get hurt.

When I was eight- and he was seven-years-old, our family was going to the Fair in Jackson, MS. I contracted measles and could not go. The rest of the family left me with a sitter. At the fair, we only had a certain amount to spend. He took his money for rides and bought me a little heart with my name engraved on it. You know that by jewelry standards it was and is cheap. It was and is precious to me. I still have it. When I mentioned that heart about a year before he died, he was all choked up, saying he figured I did not remember it at all and had thrown it away. He was touched that I treasured it. I cried and told him what the heart with my name on it meant to me.

When I was ten- and he was nine-years-old, we were picking plums on the side of the road, but still on our ten acres. I looked down and fire ants covered one leg to my knee and the other leg to my very short shorts. I ran and jumped off the bank into the ditch, cutting my foot on something. I continued to run and scream to get home. He ran me down and pulled me to the asphalt and took his hands and scraped the fire ants off as I screamed. Fire ants hold on to sting so they must be forcibly removed. I was forever grateful!

I remember how we played baseball in our huge front yard. Daddy finally relenting and getting a television when I was fourteen ended lots of outdoor playing. We rode our bikes and traipsed in ten acres of woods. Since I was afraid of snakes, I made G go

He was very smart and talented. He taught himself to play the guitar, could sing, wrote poems and could draw and paint. I can do nothing on that list! He could build things and did. I remember being shocked by the fact that at 18, he cut a door from the kitchen in my mother's house to the utility room that opened to the outside. Of course, he framed it and hung the door, too. When I married and had a new house built, he hung the wallpaper and did a perfect job.

He liked to shoot squirrels and frog gig. He even ate the frog legs! Squirrels, too, I suppose.When there was no more corn in the serving bowl, he was so sad that I scraped mine off my plate and gave it to him. He didn't like birthday cakes; he wanted a cherry pie, so that is what he got.

One time when we were visiting my mother, my son who was four went to the backyard and stayed for a bit. My son came in and told me that Uncle G's girl had a beard. This was in 1972 and my brother had long hair. My son saw the other guy from the back and just assumed the person was a girl because he had long hair. I explained it was a guy. Then, my son told me that Uncle G was undressing a squirrel and that the squirrel had catsup inside and running out. I sent him back out to watch. G was highly amused.

2001 was a terrible year for me. First, in May my best friend died, the hoarder who died from his hoarding habit. Second, the World Trade Center was attacked in September. Then, in December, my brother died. He was born on 11-11 and died on 12-12. I was very depressed when my friend died, devastated on 911, and devastated in December. He was 52.

G called his son's name and was dead when he hit the floor. While he had a job with good insurance, he had not been to the doctor in 25 years, according to his wife. He had been complaining of his chest hurting, feeling tight, for two weeks, but ignored it. He had three sons in teens and early twenties. His wife was beautiful and a saint.

It was a hard trip to Nashville for his service before the cremation. Actually, so service, just friends meeting in a room and talking, sharing things about him. I took my sterling silver charm bracelet to a jeweler and had all the charms removed and put the little engraved heart on it. His friends and co-workers in Nashville were touched by the little heart.

Your turn
Have you lost a sibling? A younger sibling? Have you ever had a year that absolutely devastated you?

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Small Economy and Oven Door

While I have plenty of 60 watt incandescent  light bulbs/lamps, I have needed two appliance bulbs for a while. The oven bulb blew earlier this year. Then, the vent hood bulb went.

When I shopped for the oven bulb, I was told by a guy at Lowe's to bring in the bulb to ascertain the correct appliance bulb. It seems that an appliance bulb is an appliance bulb. I went back and just bought a 40-watt bulb, two in a package.
I tried using a 60-watt bulb for the vent hood, but the bulb cover would not go back on. Besides, I am not sure if the vent hood is rated for 40-watt only. If a regular base bulb fits the oven, I am gold.

While I was there, he picked up a bulb in an opened package. He said I could have it for $1 even though the regular price was $4.94. It seems is was returned because it was "warm white" instead of "daylight."

It's Sylvania Ultra LED replacement, 6.5 W, 22+life. Even though the bulb/lamp is dimmable, according to the box it may not be compatible with all dimmers. Lovely.

Yes, it is a small economy, but $3.94 savings works for me, amortized over 22 for me. I won't be purchasing $5 light bulbs any time soon. So, SCORE.

In my house I have LED, curly bulbs, and the incandescent ones. I will never switch completely from incandescent because it is the only one that does not hurt my eyes.

By the way, when did they start making ovens with doors that could not be removed? I almost killed myself trying to get the door off the stove to change the bulb. Taking the door off makes cleaning the oven and changing a bulb or replacing an element soooo much easier. I will never use the self-cleaning feature for the oven.

Your turn
Do you buy the LED bulbs? What kind do you use? Do you miss removable oven doors?

Deals This Week and Brown Gunk

Since I love cheese and had run out of some bought on sale several weeks ago, I was happy to see that I could buy Kraft for $1.69. Four 8 oz. chunks of Medium Cheddar and four 8 oz.bags of Five Blend Italian. Price matched at WM.

Milk was $1.99/gallon. Price-matched from Aldi.

Cascadian Farms Granola, a cereal, was marked down from $3.69 to $2. I bought four and should not have. This is good eaten as cereal or out of hands three or five times a day. This was marked down at Publix.

Cantaloupe for exbf was $1. Price-matched at WM.

Kraft Parmesan Cheese in the green shaker canister was $2.79 instead of $3.89. Price-matched at WM. Since I don't have freezer room, I only bought one. There is still one on the shelf and two opened ones in the refrigerator. When I was too ill to find the open one in the refrigerator, one from the cupboard was started. I will eat it before long, especially if I eat spaghetti.

Pet milk, one can for $0.88 instead of $1.28. Price-matched at WM. I bought four at the same price last week or the week before, so I have enough for my projected needs for the year.

Today is Wednesday, so another ad is out. Well, it is early in the AM, but when the mail runs, I will have ads for about 6 more grocery stores.  Red, green, and purple grapes are all $1.88/lb. I won't buy many but this is a better price than $3.98/lb., as they will be later on.

There are 18 varieties of apples for $0.88/lb. at Sprouts. I need to get many apples price-matched once again at WM.

The blasted turkey from last spring is in the freezer, hogging room. It needs to come out so I can cook it. I fear there will be an avalanche. In the past exbf has held back the rockslide while I pulled things out. A pound of frozen sausage really hurts my toes! Since I am not as agile as I once was, it is hard to jump out of the way. It depends on when he comes next week as to whether he will participate. I could put several boneless turkey breasts in the space the turkey occupies.

Since I have over-frozen several cans of Cokes, the inside of the freezer looks filthy. It grosses me out, and I know what the brown stuff is! It continually falls onto the floor when I remove food and then I must get the brown ice from the floor. If it escapes me, then I have a brown puddle or dried stain, depending on when I find it.

This evening I am feeling a bit better. Of course, I am fighting the lung/throat/head/ears thing. The uti may have subsided, but I still have meds to take for that to knock it out completely. brown Gunk

Your turn
What deals are at your grocery or market? Have you ever had a Coke spew all over the freezer and then frozen back all over everything as brown gunk?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Not Wasting Okra

As you may remember, I entered dehydrated okra and tomato in the fair last year. Since there is no way I will eat okra in any form, it sits, still. I have asked around and it appears no one wants it. Several months ago, I thought I would ask exbf if he wanted it to eat as a snack.

Second Man from Two Men and a Little Farm wrote about baking halved okra and First Man's liking it. So, I remembered to mention it to exbf. Mine was sliced for frying.

Supposing it might be hard as a rock and not something anyone would want to crunch, I tried it first. Don't think for a moment I ate it. One piece crunched between my teeth once and I gagged it out into a napkin I had at the ready. The okra readily crunched into pieces.

I put it on the sofa next to the chair he sits in and left it for two weeks, forgetting to ask him. Finally, I asked him over the phone. He said, "Oh, in the pint jar on the sofa?" I wonder he did not ask me why it was there. Oh well.

When he came last Friday, I reminded him to try it. He popped one piece into his mouth and commented immediately that it was good and yes he would eat it. He said, "It tastes just like fried okra without the coating." I asked him if it needed a sprinkle of spices or anything on it. He said it was fine like it was.

Bonus: It is not fried. I scored twice with his acceptance: 1) Food is not wasted. 2) This is a good snack for him since I always find something snack-y for him.

Well, if feeding it to him failed, I was going to toss a piece to Dominique and see if she would consume it.

Sunday, I awoke more ill than ever, but this time it was my throat, chest, and head. But, I am still taking meds for uti. Voting will be a struggle, but I will vote.

Remember to vote on Tuesday!

UPDATE: I voted and was in the car by 7:06. I was second in line.

Your turn
Have you ever had dehydrated okra? Seasoned or plain? Did you like it? Do you have someone who, like exbf, will just try any food you present? Well, I never would try to get him to eat banana or eggs!

Monday, November 7, 2016

She Is Doing it Again

Slugmama has a giveaway with lots of chocolate and some makeup. There are pictures of it all right HERE.  You can enter every day, making your chances higher, so hurry.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Things I Did Buy Today

Of course, KMart is on my radar lately since they are closing our store.

I found two pair of the pants I like for only $4, marked down 60% from 9,98. 

Black leggings were unmarked and no one knew the price and acted as though that were the end of it, like I would leave without them. I told them I thought they should be about $2 for me to buy them, so they sold them for $2.

Vaseline and Vicks were marked down enough for me to consider them a deal. I am not going to look for the receipt. Just take my word for it.

All in all, it turned out well on deals. Next Thursday, there will be another markdown. I am looking for tshirts or tops to wear around the house under a sweatshirt. I have three tshirts
 at this point that are beyond wearing for good, so I would like three more but at a greatly reduced cost.

Your turn
What deals did you find this weekend?

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Two Things I REALLY Wanted But Did Not Buy

Every time I have gone down Action Alley in Walmart, I have seen things I really want and need. Yes, it is true. I need these things.

In the aisle have been stacks of an Oster Turkey Roaster. I liked the look even though they were in the box, unreachable. Maybe I am silly, but I like to see and feel items I buy.

Finally, yesterday, there was a roaster on display. When I read the manual with the roaster, I changed my mind. The instructions said to put 2 or 3 quarts of water in the roaster. ??? That made no sense. Then, put the turkey in?

After I struggled to my feet, took off the lid, and lifted the roaster pan, it all made sense. The instructions said to check it often and add water if necessary. It seems water goes under the roaster. It is not like a crock pot where the heating element will be ruined by water.

It would be difficult for me to lift the roaster pan with the turkey in it once, much less lifting it periodically. So, I will not be buying the Oster Turkey Roaster. For $29.99 I knew there would be a catch! I will be using the oven.

Then, I saw a cute calendar that I just had to have. At $4.99 it seemed precious.  I left it there and got a free one from the utility company today.

Could you say I saved $35 in one day? What was I thinking? I have never, ever bought a calendar, just usually get a free one from the pharmacy.

Your turn
Do you ever need and want something so much and then talk yourself out of it once you learn more? Find reasons not to purchase? What was the last temptation, bargain, or desired item that you left behind? Did you consider and realize the item was not as it seemed? Do you buy a calendar or use a free calendar?  I am talking about the calendars that are about 12x12 inches or probably a bit larger.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

This is such a beautiful home HERE. I love the style! What do you think?

Socks! What Can I Say?

Socks are problematic for me and most people when they disappear in the wash. I am loathe to throw out a sock because its mate strayed. This has paid off. Every year I get out my winter things and find a sock in a sweatshirt sleeve or up a pants legs. EUREKA!

I then get out my lost sock stash and match the sock to its lonely mate. People have suggested I just toss the mate-less socks I have kept. No, I won't give up. But, I solved the problem.

Two solutions: First, I buy bags of socks so that there is always a mate as they stray sock hides out. Second, I find a new use for socks.

Finally, I put the lonely socks in the laundry room, tied in a plastic bag. Someone saw this and volunteered to toss them....nooooo.  I never toss socks in the trash.

While I have been ill, I have piddled. This bag of socks attracted my attention. In a lucid moment when my arms were not like lead, I ripped the bag open for a few surprises. There was a pair of white nylon-type, thin socks that I have had for 30 years, wore little. My beloved red socks that have so little heel that I could put my head through the hole where the heel was. Really, they felt wonderful. But when the hole in the heel hole was evident when I was wearing shoes, I quit wearing my red socks.

No, I am not a hoarder. In the bag were all the socks with an alternate destiny--dusting or cleaning. And, boy, do I need them for dusting right now.

I threw away the nylon socks. I put the dusting socks in a pile. Lo and Behold--I found a sock (I think) that is a mate to a dozen other bag socks. Otherwise, it is a dust sock. I need to slip a sock over the yardstick or on the handle of the broom and work on the ceilings but not the eleven foot ceiling, just the lower ones.

When these are used for dusting or cleaning, depending on how dusty or dirty the cleaning was, they will be washed and stuffed in my rag bag or tossed. I know these are not fancy dust cloths bought at an exorbitant cost, but they work for me and maybe for you. The microfiber cloths give me the creeps to touch them. It's just as well I like these because the few microfiber cloths I have are rarely used. No, I did not pay for them. They were a gas station give-away.

As soon as it gets cool enough that flies and mosquitoes are not fighting to get in the back door, I may use these socks to clean the outside of the side door. Those socks will certainly go in the trash.

The other use I have for these socks is to put dark ones on canned or dehydrated food. This way, the light will not degrade the nutrition in the produce. Of course, I still put canning jars in dark cabinets or boxes. Just cut off the top of the sock and slip it over jars. This way, the jars will not clink against each other, either.

Somewhere on the internet I saw dog sweaters for tiny dogs made from socks. Socks have been used to cover casts on broken limbs. I just know all of you have other uses!

(post not edited) I am too tired.

Your turn
Do you use old clothes or socks to dust or clean?  Do you use socks to dust, clean or to protect jars, clothe a dog? What other uses do you have for socks that are beyond redemption? Do you have favorite socks you wear even when they are shabby?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Not So Much

I feel so much worse and am on another round of antibiotics. A nurse seems to be in control.  I called for an appointment but must go through her. No one wants to listen to me! I refuse to die because she is in control of his time. I love nurse practitioners, but this is wearing thin. I would be in the hospital if not for my walk-in doctor. Going on three months now--I believe I have a persistent uti. It won't clear up with a week of medicine and three days off meds, then on again.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Storing Halloween

For many years, I did not need to stash Halloween items in a certain place. I did stash them, but just on shelves and drawers. However, since I have bought many things on sale and to send to grandchildren, I buy more, and I have needed a place to keep them all together. Actually, I have gotten more into Halloween as I get

Enter: huge orange Rubbermaid bin bought for one purpose. It's so easy to put things into it and successfully find your stash the next year. I have rarely bought a magazine Halloween edition for recipes or decorations, but I place those in the box along with pages ripped from magazines I am tossing. Because I want my cabinets for other things, not storage for things used once a year, I have begun to store ceramic Halloween candy dishes in this orange box.

I have one rule: I can buy no more Halloween stuff than will go into the mostly-full Rubbermaid container--no matter how cheap it is.

Maybe that container needs a good purging after Halloween.  My kids will love getting Halloween stuff eleven months early. NOT!

Your turn
Do you have a special place for Halloween items? A drawer or shelf or cardboard box? Do you have Halloween items stored in scattered places like I had for many years?