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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Solution for My Junk I Sorted

A fellow blogger who just lost her job has a new craft project. We Are Clamco has a wonderful idea but could use some junk. I am sending her some odds and ends jewelry stuff. If I didn't get the link right, just go to the Don't Read This; It's Boring blog in my blog roll and look for her the Clamco blog.
She was thoughtful and asked local bloggers, but I doubt she minds if we mail her some junk.

Who's in?

Sunday, May 29, 2016

No-See-Um Pants and Jacket

Let me just say right off the bat that I don't believe in no-see-ums. I had a friend who just went nuts in my yard fighting off this invisible foe. They never bothered me at all.

Mosquitoes will attack me, so I just never wear shorts or sandals in the yard. I have even put on a sweatshirt in the summer to avoid mosquitoes or repellant. Exbf won't use repellant ever, just complains bitterly and claws at his arms later.

Well, here is the solution, I think. When I was looking over a sale rack when I saw a box with "No-See-Um Pants and Jacket." The size was S/M. He could wear this. I just wish there were a larger size on the shelf. Maybe WM will be getting in a new product in a different box from the same company. The $15 package was marked to $4.

The pants and jacket are black mesh that purports to not allow no-see-ums to go through the fabric. The "jacket" is a pullover with elastic at bottom of shirt and sleeves. The elastic can be tightened for a snug fit. The pants have the same adjustable fit at waist and leg bottoms.

The best part is that the hood on the jacket can be pulled over the face and zipped across the neck, completely covering the face. Wearing a cap of some sort underneath would keep the net off the face.

Repellant can be applied to the whole suit if necessary. I would do that before donning it. The combined weight of top and bottom is less that 6 ounces.

The website for this product is: Then, click on Protective Gear, then Mosquito protection.
Since I cannot post a picture, maybe you can get the idea.

Today, I went to the hunting section of the store and found a head covering in the same brand.

He swears he will not wear the top as it will be too difficult to get on. ??? He won't need the pants in my yard. Well, next time he goes out to help me in the yard, he will wear the shirt/jacket. He just doesn't know it yet.

Your turn
Have you ever seen this product? Worn it? Do no-see-ums bite you? Do you think they really don't exist as I do?

Clothes I Won't Wear and Other Stuff

There are some really cute and still stylish clothes stored here that I will never wear again. If I ever lose enough weight, there are other clothes in the world, clothes to be bought or clothing I can make. So, they will be sorted, maybe tomorrow, and taken to a clothes closet on Tuesday.

Some pants I will still wear have gotten a tiny hole. My toe ripped it larger. Then, I shoved a foot through the toe-sized hole. The next time I wore the pants, I manage to rip the hole to the hem. I don't mind wearing these in the house or in the back yard. Finally, though, they are getting a little obscene to wear. I have cut them up for rags.

Sadly, I am throwing away my favorite pair of socks I have had for 20 years. They feel soooo good. There is no more heel and the rest of the sock is slowly disappearing. Actually, these went into cleaning/dustrag bag.

I have unearthed clothing bought for grandchildren's gifts, clothing that disappeared by gift-giving time. Thankfully, I had the receipts and received money back. One week, I got $40 back from clothing and various other things I bought for the house. Of course, one week I received less than $2 back. What was I thinking?

Maybe I  mentioned this before, but I gave away three plastic Adirondack chairs I bought at a yard sale. Neither exbf nor I could get out of them. They were faded apple green and turquoise. My friend who received them spray-painted them a dark gray--so classy. Okay, they are as classy as plastic Adirondack chairs can be. They are out of my yard. Exbf did not mind moving things for me. Other mowers do! Besides, why keep something I cannot use.

For many years I wore earrings every day. Then, I quit. Now, I wear them all the time, again. I found the box of earrings and went through them. Surprisingly, about half of them are still ones I will wear. What to do with the rest? Some are lone earrings, some just out of style. I have several ideas, just need to get on this and get them out of the way.  At least they are sorted.

There is a whole bookcase of books to be purged, still. Remember how I got rid of 800 books one summer to leave me with a total of 1000 books still here?  These books on one bookcase that was out of the way seem not to have been sorted. Maybe they were sorted and I just don't want even more of them.

With stuff gone and stuff going, it feels good!

Your turn
What are you getting rid of?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Thursday: the good, the bad, and the rumbly

Thursday was such a beautiful day with few clouds, sunshine, blue skies, and a slight breeze. I only saw it from the window and a trip to Dominique. But, weather wise, it was glorious.

Thursday was such a horrible day. For some reason, I did not get much sleep Wednesday night. When exbf came Thursday as was our plan, he scared the living daylights out of me as he unlocked the door and came in. He has a key because I have locked myself out too many times.

I could not get out of bed so told him to just lie down until I could get up. After an hour, I told him to get up and sit in a chair. Poor thing. At lunch I got him applesauce and milk and crackers, told him that was lunch and to deal with it. Remember, he is allowed to go get what he wants from the kitchen or go get a hamburger for himself.

Three hours later, I awoke to find him asleep in the chair with his arm stiff and asleep. I stumbled around, feeling horrible. My gastrointestinal system was all out of sorts. As usual, I took my med for acid reflux first thing and then spent the day with it coming up! From top to bottom my gastro was disturbed with so much rumbling.

For his dinner/supper, I put together a homemade pizza from a cooked crust, marinara sauce from a jar, some of the sausage I cooked, and half a bag of grated Italian blend of cheese. Plus, he had some of the green beans I snapped and cooked and broccoli I cooked Monday. It was not the meal I planned, but adequate.

He took home the two cucumbers I planned to put in his salad. Since I forgot I had fresh corn, I sent home one of the two ears and instructed him how to cook it. There was one slice of pizza in his bag.

Dominique loved the chicken scraps from a rotisserie chicken that he brought to her. She is a good chicken. Lately, she has viewed my toes as edible and tries to peck them. When I first had chickens, one of them took a plug out of my toe. I suppose she ate the missing piece of me.

It is now after three am on  Friday morning. I do feel better and cannot figure out why I was so out of sorts. Oh, I even had him cancel a doctor's appointment for me, an appointment I really wanted to keep.

I suppose I had nothing to say, so I wrote this

Friday will be a better day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cataracts and Nail Polish

Today was exhausting. The only thing I did was to go to the doctor for an exam required by the doctor will remove the cataract. At the end of the stressful exam, I realized he was testing me for new glasses. I told the woman why I needed to see him when I made the appointment.

At any rate, I had been fasting for a blood test, but became so weak, I skipped the blood test until Friday.

Since I had a coupon for a free Zaxby snack, I cashed it in for a full meal.  The coupon said it was a snack meal. I just read "snack."  There were three chicken fingers, a piece of buttered toast, way too many fries, and a very generous Coke. When I eat my second dinner of green stuff, I will have negated all the fat. Right?

Good News? Both eyes are 20/20, even the one with the cataract. I could read the tiniest print on the last line.  I don't understand why. The doctor is not correcting my vision at all, just replacing.

Question? So, why do I need glasses to read? I have never had correction for distance. When I am driving and take off my glasses and put them on the dash, my passenger/s will become distressed and ask, then demand I put them back on. I explain I can see all traffic. However, I have no idea which gear the car is in or how fast I am going.

I was almost 50 before I needed glasses to read. No matter what I do, the astigmatism cannot be corrected except with glasses....sigh.

Tonight, I used nail polish to mark certain keys on my computer--backspace, enter, @ key, both shift keys, up and down arrows, space bar, right and left on mouse. My keyboard is black, and I don't have enough light! Even though I am a competent touch typist and fast enough, in the dark and lying down, I needed to mark certain keys so I would not have to search for these keys I never memorized in high school. After the nail polish dried for about an hour, I shut the laptop, opened it, and was relieved the polish did not stick to the screen.

I want a laptop with a light keyboard, but those are more expensive! No, that is not on my wish list until this new laptop dies.

Finally, I gave away the eggplant before it died. I wish some of my readers lived close enough to pass along these items.

Your turn
What has been your experience with cataract removal? I know I can see better, but did not expect a return to perfect vision.

Does your laptop have a black keyboard? Is it hard to see what key you need if you need to search for a key?

Allergies, Sweet Potatoes, and Rhubarb

Today, I went to a church lunch. Right now, I would kill for spaghetti. Because there was beef in the spaghetti, I just had a plate of salad, two slices of bread and cake and pie.

The upside was I collected scraps for Dominique. She was one happy girl when I brought it to her.

Today, Tuesday, I had an allergist appointment. I must for one month NOT eat bread, eggs, meat, dairy products and something else. He said I may be allergic to all meat from mammals!
there is a blood test for that. I will probably lose 50 pounds in that month! How can I live without cheese? Giving up beef improved my health, so maybe this will be good for me.

It is almost midnight, but I am going to open a jar of spaghetti, put some ground pork and dehydrated zucchini in a big bowl of spaghetti and pretend it is the real deal.

My allergist is soooo nice. In the notes the nurse gave me, he congratulated me on losing one pound. Then, he wrote a congratulations of my Spelling Bee win. I have never gotten medical notes like I received today!

Five pounds of sweet potatoes are awaiting my attention. I will put them all in the oven at once to save on heating the house on multiple days. Plus, I can just freeze some and have a quick meal.The last few days have been full of produce gifts. 

Rhubarb is waiting for me to transform it into a pie with just a bit of sugar.  My rhubarb pie is like really tart lemonade. No excess sugar or strawberries ruin the taste. I did purchase the rhubarb.

When I first was introduced to rhubarb, I made a pie with a crust pressed into the pie pan and crumbled over the top of the pie. My son asked for more "cookie." The crust is like a sugar cookie. He was not eager for more rhubarb, just the "cookie."

The South is not conducive to growing rhubarb--too hot here. I need to figure out how to grow it other than moving 200 miles north of here.

Your turn
Raise your hand if you love rhubarb, too? Are you plagued with allergies?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

They Were Cheap!

Last week, I approached the electric carts in Walmart and noticed a commotion inside the store. As I got settled, it became clear that something desirable was on sale.

People were snatching up bins like Rubbermaid, but a different brand. People took them a half-dozen at a time, sometimes just one. Finally, I saw the price--$2.00.

When I finally rolled up, there were four bins and lids left. A guy saw me struggling and put them into the electric cart.

As I left the display, an employee pulled the huge trolley type cart away. I asked her how long it took to sell the bins. She shook her head and said "about a minute. I have never seen anything go so fast. I just walked away and looked back and they were ALL gone."

Lucky me!

Your turn
Have you come upon a good bargain that was going so quickly?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Friends with Gardens

Thank you, generous people. Since I have nothing growing, I loved these offerings.

green beans--1 quart after they were snapped.
okra--two cups after slicing.
new potatoes--12 very small
corn--2 fat, full, short ears
cucumber--2 small
patty pan squash--2
bell pepper--1 huge
eggplant- 1 small

The green beans cooked in my small, $3 yard sale crockpot. I just came home and threw in the potatoes.Since I hate okra, I will bread and fry this for exbf when he comes here. You should see how happy he is when eating fried okra. Cucumbers are his for a salad here. He can take the other home. Eggplant will be passed along since neither of us can abide it.

Dominique got the scraps of corn, bean ends and okra ends. She will love the corn cobs, too.

I received other things:
bananas--4 green

Since I have fresh eggs, my friend who takes out the trash can have those.

I had bought and cooked frozen broccoli. bought a few cherries and bananas, so the refrigerator and kitchen is stuffed. All the produce makes me happy!

I forgot--tonight, I bought two tiny squash to slice into  salads.

Right now, I am off for new potatoes and green beans.

Amazingly, the farmer's markets are full of produce. It just seems too soon!

Your turn
Do you ever get gifts of produce? Maybe you give things away?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My New FREE Canner

Someone on a group was offering a new Presto Canner to anyone who needed and wanted. She even paid the postage from across the country. I was the first to respond. It arrived today via FedEx. Happy Day!

The Presto holds 23 quarts of liquid or 7 quarts or 20 pints or 24 half-pints. Tomatoes will be the only thing I will put up in quarts. My first goal is to cook and can the ground pork filling my freezer. I will put that up in pints or maybe half-pints.

The ground pork is made from pork chops three days from the end of their life in the grocery store. There is only 1/8 inch of fat on the pork chop. The first time I tried to cook ground pork in a cast iron skillet, I had to add oil so it would not brown.

Finally, I just put the frozen ground pork in the crock pot to thaw and cook it. Next morning there was one huge chunk of cooked ground pork. Thankfully, it easily broke and crumbled. I just use it in jarred spaghetti that contains no beef.

Maybe I will make my mother's delicious spaghetti recipe that I have faithfully used without changing one ingredient. I never share this recipe EVER. It is the only recipe I don't freely share.

My only concern is the diameter of the canner and the smaller diameter of the largest eye on my stovetop. Yes, in the South, we call they eyes!

Before I go to bed, I will put four packages of ground pork, about six pounds, in the refrigerator to thaw. I have a recipe I want to try when exbf comes here on Thursday--potatoes, onions, white sauce and grated cheese and spices.  I think I will add one of the packages of ground pork to that concoction. I want to cook it tomorrow, Tuesday, and serve it on Thursday.

The rest of the ground pork will go into the canner in pints or half-pints. I've read that canned, cooked ground meats have the consistency of cat food. We will see.

Although I have canned for many years, I have never canned meat. I will be holding my breath on this session.

For a long time I have wanted a new canner. My canner was from a yard sale about 1978. My mother bought it for me. It has a jiggler on top, not a dial for the pressure. I am confident it works, but others have frightened me about the dangers. The new-in-the-box canner should work well. The owner wanted and acquired and All American canner. It has no gaskets, just metal to metal sealing action.

Your turn
Do you own and use a pressure canner? Have you ever canned cooked, ground beef or pork? How was the consistency?

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday Flirt

While I was still in the main part of town, I noticed a driver ahead of me waving at me. Since I was not sure who it was, I did not wave back. My route was the same as his, turning off onto another highway. I suppose he thought I was following him. Whatever.

Several miles along the new highway we turned onto, I became annoyed he was driving about 55 in the left lane. So, I sped up and passed him. I settle down at 6o mph. He then decided he would speed up and get ahead of me in the left lane again and slow down..

Thinking he was just a man who could not stand to be passed by a woman, I settled in and followed him. sigh

At exactly the road I was going to turn onto, he turned there. I turned and passed him and he stopped beside the road. Where we were turning was once a business, so there was the wasteland of a parking lot--lots of room. I had not even looked at him as I passed him and as I pulled off the road.

I decided to circle around him so our cars were going in opposite directions. He might be a friend I was snubbing. My car was nearest the road and about 20 feet to his side. I was safe!

As I rolled the window down and stopped, he flashed an "amazing" smile and said familiarly, "Where ya going?" I mumbled something and said in a haughty tone, "Do I KNOW you?" "No."

As I pulled away, I gave him a wave of the hand as if to say, "Go away." Continuing on my way, I wondered how often he pulled that.

His "amazing" smile was full of rotten teeth with huge gaps in between. Teeth were missing. His three day growth of beard beneath a head of dirty hair led me to believe he had not bathed lately. Yuck!That meeting was the low point of this I am always amazed that people are unaware of the image others see.

What was he thinking"--if he asked often enough he would get lucky?

Your turn
Have you had an inappropriate man flirt with you, make a pass? Did you feel as unclean, creeped out, as I did?

Friday, May 13, 2016

Two Bargains

I hate cleaning pans in which I bake a turkey or any meat. Plus, I often cook ten pounds of chicken breasts or parts to save on the use of electricity. Plus, I can freeze most of the meat and eat from the frozen stash for a long time.

When I was in Kmart, I came across a shelf of marked-down items. Usually, I pay $2.78 for a box of two Reynolds Cooking Bags--Turkey sized. These were marked down to $1.50. Of course, I snagged 10 boxes. I doubt I will use many of these baking bags this summer. Come winter, I will burn right through the 20 bags I have now.

There is a turkey in my freezer over the refrigerator that does need to be cooked to free up some room. 

Actually, I probably have a one-year supply at the cost of $0.75/bag. Formerly, I paid $1.39/bag at full price. I saved $12.80. You  can figure the percent I paid or saved. Usually, I discover I am out of these and must make a special trip for the one item! Actually, it seems I am always out of the Reynolds Cooking Bags!

Shopping for bargains on my own shelves is great. This makes one more item for which I won't pay full price. If I had had more money, I would have bought the other 10 boxes on the shelf.

Kraft Dressing was marked to $1.70 for a 16 ounce bottle. I had a coupon for $0.75 for two bottles. My dressing cost me $1.70 x 2=$3.40-$0.75=$2.65 for two or $1.33 for each 15 oz bottle. I love a bargain.

Your turn
Have you discovered this markdown shelf at KMart? Do you buy bargains for items other than food?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

What is in my sandal?

Around the middle of April, I learned lots about bumble bees--they do sting.

I was walking up to the side door, not lifting my feet as is my custom now. Since I scoop up pieces of pecan, sticks, and dirt, I just kept walking when something in my sandal hurt the bottom of my toe. I wanted to get to the porch step railing so I could kick off my sandal and free a pointy stick. Otherwise, I might have stumbled around and fallen. Really, I did not want to chance stepping on grass since I am allergic to that, too.

Only, the pointy stick just kept poking me. Finally, I made a lunge for the railing and kicked off my sandal. Wondering what kind of pointy stick hurt me, I searched the step. Then, I saw something black and moving, something round. I stomped it because it appeared to be escaping.

The bumble bee had stung me twice on the bottom of the toe next to my little toe.  Since I had nothing on hand, I hurried down to WM. There was no meat tenderizer, benadryl or tobacco here. The pharmacist suggested buying Benadryl. He told me to take one now and another after I was home. The first one taken right then made me woozy. So, I decided to forego the second one. A few hours later, I looked down at my toe that by now was blazing red and three times larger than normal. I did take another Benadryl at that point.

Bumble bees come by the hundreds just before the wisteria blooms. For at least the last 35 years I have fearlessly walked through them and brushed them out of my hair. They just bump me and keep going. Then, I got one trapped in my sandal! The sting hurt so much, especially on a toe bottom.

This is the first time in my life that I have been stung by something inside my sandal or shoe.  When I was four-years-old and my sister was one-year-old, my sister kept wailing and tried to climb into my mother's lap as she sat in a chair in the yard. My mother kept telling her "No" and thwarting her efforts to get into her lap. My mother was doing something, maybe shelling peas. Finally, I told Mama that my sister's foot was hurting. It seemed she was raising her foot for Mama to help and holding onto Mama's clothes to balance.

Immediately, Mama saw the motions I saw, snatched her up as I told her to look in her shoe. A giant ant over 1/2 long, sort of orange was stinging my sister!

Next time, I kick the sandal/shoe off without any support nearby. I take my chance with grass! Yes, I learned to fear! The bumble bees are gone for this year, thankfully.

Your turn
Have you had a stinging insect get inside your shoe and sting you? Or, maybe in your clothing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My New Chickens

At the end of last summer I was chickenless and devastated. There were no eggs! I did the only sane to do; I rushed out and bought two very expensive hens. One was laying; the other was too young. The older hen was a Dominique, the younger a Rhode Island Red.

The second day, the Dominique laid an egg. That was the last one she laid until late winter. The little RIR never laid an egg.

One morning about two months ago, I was awake at 4:30 after going to the bathroom. I heard a strange noise and went to investigate. The by-now-huge RIR was crowing! She is a he. It took me two weeks to get rid of him.

Two weeks ago, I heard crowing at 6:30 am. WHAT!? I figured the backyard neighbors had roosters again. THEN, I was convinced my laying hen was crowing. Finally, I was able to see her crowing and it was true--sometimes hens without a rooster crow. She is not a very good or loud crower, thankfully.

Since late August I had not been able to find two female names that suited me, only male-female names like Bonnie and Clyde. After I got rid of the rooster, I found a name.


After all, it is a girl's name.

Your turn
Have you ever acquired an animal that was wrongly identified?  How did you figure out the mistake?

Saturday, May 7, 2016

I CAN Spell!

No matter what you see on my blog, I am an excellent speller. On April 21, 2016, I won the Cullman County 2016 Senior Spelling Bee. The Nationals will be held in Knoxville, TN.

This is great, but last year Nationals were in Wyoming. I almost entered last year.

I cannot post a picture of the trophy. I also won a dictionary and $100, plus an all expense paid trip to

Hopefully, this will be the last break in my blog.

The last Spelling Bee I entered was in the eighth grade. I think I came in second. Maybe not.

Your turn
Have you ever entered a spelling bee? Have you won?