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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Thought

The fact that there’s a highway to hell
and only a stairway to heaven says a lot about
anticipated traffic numbers

Okay, blogger thinks this format is good and won't change it. My longtime sweetie called and will be back in Huntsville for a year. He asked me to come up for a few days. He has a washer and dryer I can use for the piles of laundry I cannot afford to wash at the laundry. Plus, carrying them hurts me soooo.

I can take a shower every day. I may take two a day. And, I can wash my hair. I will shower and wash my hair as soon as I get there. AND, I will be able to wash it in a few days instead of waiting a week and having to hide in the house the last three days. YAY for friends with water. Plus, his apt won't be so cold.

The hens have been taken care of. They will be confined 24/7. Since they don't like snow, tomorrow will be okay. They will be antsy by Monday.

I have to pack food for them--3 bags of oats and corn, 3 pbj sandwiches, 3 chicken thighs, and 3 bags of vegetables. I only plan on being gone for Sunday and Monday morning feedings, but one day extra for just in case. I trust Tony because he loves animals and he grew up with 100K chickens.

Maybe I will check in. Okay, I will. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't get into any icy spots as I drive.

Your turn
Do you have someone trustworthy to feed or care for your pets/livestock/animals so you can leave home for a few days?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Cleared Streets

I took pictures, but cannot post them. This is the first time our streets have ever been cleared of snow. Usually, we just all drive in one lane sort of carved from the least snow. So, a four-lane road becomes a two-lane for days. It was pretty exciting seeing all four lanes cleared to the curb. There was not one bit of slush.

Don't get me wrong, there is still lots of snow. None of my yard except the path to the hens and under the car is free of snow. Some of my footprints melted to the ground. My street was not cleared. The bigger roads, the ones that are two highways that intersect here in town, are the ones cleared along with some side roads, just not in neighborhoods. It was pretty exciting to see the corners of two little roads with piles of snow 12 feet across and about 8 feet high. Yep, that last statement pretty much nails me for being small-town.

Even when I lived in Memphis, I don't think roads were ever cleared. The South just didn't roll that way. I have no idea with what they cleared the roads here in town. I do know we have at least one road grader. Today, on the way home there was a backhoe with a grabber thing on the other end. The grabber would grab part of one of the big piles, shut its jaws, and drive it to a dump truck at the other end of the block.

It seems like letting it sit on the road corner would be no big deal. They dropped snow all over and got the roads wet, so it will be too slick to drive on tomorrow for several hours. But, there will be no snow on the corner!

When I went to Rochester, NY, on Christmas, I saw way too much snow, but I don't remember if I saw it was cleared or whatever. We had just been in a horrific seven-car accident near Batavia, and I had sworn I would never go back in winter. I didn't.

I am sure I will have snow in my yard until Tuesday. The one thing I like about snow in the South is that is seldom snows. Plus, it goes away very quickly. It never gets brown. Plus, my car won't be ruined by salt, nor will my leather shoes.

The hens stayed in their pen today even though I left the door open.

Maggie May left me one egg. Since they ran out of water one day, I am sure that affected egg production. I did not fall down or fall today.

Your turn
Do you live in a town so small and so far south that you don't have snow removal equipment?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sluggy's Giveway and Falling Down

The roads are still closed still. But, the temperature is up to 37F, so it will melt, but slowly.

Sluggy has another giveaway right HERE.   It is  "pamper yourself" box of goodies. I only remember there is chocolate.

When I went out to feed my hens, I slid all the way. My feet sink into snow and then I slide with arms outstretched and regain my balance. I managed to stifle squeals. At their pen, it appeared a person had made footprints and not in a place I walked yesterday. Hmmm, I cleared away snow on a bench, sitting to watch the hungry girls. They have no desire to come out of the pen.

On the way back to the house, I fell. I had just put the one egg down on a pile of snow so I could go get the mail without having to protect the egg. Well, after I fell, got all wet trying to get up, I just took the egg inside. I pulled a muscle in my side and broke a fingernail, but did not hurt my knees or noggin.

In 1993, during the blizzard, I fell from the top of the concrete steps to the bottom and slid out onto the ice. I lay there like a bug on its back, arms and feet in the air, flailing about to turn over. I crawled across the ice and up the steps. That memory will keep me indoors. The hens may get hungry, but I cannot hurt myself that badly again.

I am staying in today, no matter what is outside my door that interests me!

Your turn
Have you fallen in this snow?  Or, are you so sure-footed that you can stay upright?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Snow Boots

Since I cannot post a picture on my blog I will describe them for you. Yay! I have seven inches of snow. The city is shut down. Remember, I live in the South. I have no boots, not even boots as a fashion item.

Two of the smaller Walmart bags worked just fine. I taped them on above the ankle and was set to go. They worked to go feed the hens and then to go to the road for the mail. The flakes were the size of quarters and nickels. Now, five hours later, the flakes are a little smaller. More snow is predicted.

When I went to feed the hens, none of them rushed the door to get out. I fed them one hefty meal today--two cups of oats and corn lots of cooked chicken with skin and abundant meat. They have plenty of warm water.

So, I m snowed in. The day was a Winter Wonderland in my yard. I marveled at the snow on bushes limbs and my car. This is a history-making snow. Although it is 31 degrees F it is not as cold feeling because there is no wind.

Now I have to cook something warm. Okay maybe I will eat snow in the form of snow ice cream.

Your turn
Are you getting snow in an area that gets little to no snow? Do you eat snow ice cream? Have you used plastic bags over your shoes to go out in the snow?

Chicken and Blueberry Swap

I have a dilemma,  a too-much-food dilemma. I know--first world problem. But, the problem is a casualty of the weather,  inadvertently exacerbated by my plans.

For last week when exbf was coming, I baked ten pounds of leg-thigh quarters. Then, the weather on his day off was forecast. The day was not to be. With a forecast of high temp of 27 degrees F, I told him not to come up. Sooo, I could only get a portion of the cooked  meat in the freezer. He will have part of that meat for his dinner this week if the weather is agreeable.

Now, I have about six pounds of ground beef and chili meat thawed. It would not fit in the freezer, either. I still have not cooked it all in the cast iron skillet, mincing it and cooking onions in it. It still will not go in the freezer!

My plan is finally formulated. He will get all the chicken I cooked if he comes. If not, I figured out how to get the cooked chicken and cooked hamburger meat in the freezer over the refrigerator.

There is at least one gallon of blueberries in the freezer. When I remove the blueberries, I can cook them and put in quart jars in the refrigerator. Blueberries will wait for a few days until I can eat them or make a cobbler. THEN, I can put pint jars of cooked hamburger in the freezer. I have fretted for five days over the possibility of meat spoiling.

I suppose I can remove my only ice cube tray, too, especially if there is only one gallon of blueberries. There may be other things in the freezer that can be removed, like bottles of frozen water to be used in a little cooler.

At least there is a viable plan in my head that will save the meat.

Wednesday, snow is forecast here, at least six inches. I tried to buy rubber boots at WM, but the only ones I found were too tight over my arch. I did not want to shop anymore, so I will just use rubber bags over my feet and shoes. I have plenty of bags, tape, and rubber bands.

The only reason I need to go out of the house is to feed the chickens and collect eggs. Only Thelma has seen snow. So, I doubt any of them even want to go out. Their water heater works when the temp is in single digits to keep their water thawed. Their water is sitting right out in the weather, not in any shelter.

Tomorrow, I will feed the hens four times, so wish me well in rubber WM bags. I have forty pounds of sand in a five-gallon bucket right outside the door. I can scoop out a cottage cheese dishful of sand and sprinkle as I go down the steps and onto concrete.  I will be safe; I have to stay safe since there is no one else to help.

Right now, I am worried about exbf. He refuses to put any water, snack, blanket, or extra jacket in the car for his commute to and from work tomorrow. He works in Irondale and lives in Hueytown. Some people were spending the night in cars last year as they were stranded, not able to drive in the snow and ice. He is diabetic, has cold limbs ALL the time, does not drink much water. I have had to call the police for a welfare check twice because he was out like a light (for 30 hours) because he did not eat. I gave him a car charger and he screamed at me and threw it back, saying he always charges his cell at home.

Two things--he says I am trying to change him (by being prepared?) and I feel he thinks it emasculating to ever take a precaution against anything. He refuses to carry jumper cables!

On Tuesday night, I bought milk, water, cottage cheese, and cookies. I forgot to buy bananas. If ice or snow brings down electric lines, I will be mighty cold, but have food to eat cold and a grill outdoors.

Two eggs today!

Your turn
Do you have anyone in your life that refuses to take even a minor precaution against driving in snow and ice? Have you ever had to shuffle food to get things in the freezer? Is it snowing at your house, or do you expect snow?

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Dream

... <b>Bavier</b> – better known as 'Aunt Bee' on the <b>Andy</b> <b>Griffith</b> Show
Who is this?

Sunday--one dream and two eggs. But, I managed to ding one egg when I dropped my cell phone in the pocket where I had put the egg. The hens will get scrambled egg for breakfast tomorrow morning. I will add another two eggs, so they will all get plenty of warm egg. I may cook their oats to warm the hens' little hearts.

On Sunday morning, I awoke from a sound but feverish sleep. I had a dream and dreamed several versions of the dream.  Like I said, I had a fever and both ears really hurt. So, I got back in bed and slept until very late.

In the dream exbf found a new girlfriend. There was quite a bit of drama. I was deliriously happy for him in one version of the dream. In another version, I was extremely jealous even though I have dated other guys since he said five years ago he did not want to by my boyfriend any longer. In another version of the dream I was upset, okay, I was mad because I knew we could not longer be friends, and I would never see him again. I assumed his new girlfriend would not want him to see me any longer.

On Monday I related the three dreams. He was having a good time and was laughing heartily. He enjoyed my dream too much for my enjoyment.

The woman is Aunt Bea Taylor, Frances Bavier from the Andy Griffith Show. Since one person got it right, I thought I would end the mystery. Besides, all you have to do is right click on the picture for the answer to appear.

Your turn
Do you ever have relationship dreams? Do you ever dream multiple versions of any kind of dream you have. Who is the woman at the head of the post?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Writers and Readers: What would you do?

I have a friend who wrote an incredibly bad book. Hating to tell him the truth, I told him it was interesting, just not my genre. Now, he has published five books. One or two were written before the one I read.

Another published author and I were talking. This person could not even get through the first book. Another published author and I met in WM by accident. This author hates his writing. So, I have a dilemma. He has  good story line but cannot develop it.

Here is an example. When he introduces the main character, he cites his height and stature as though an engineer was my silly way of talking about the author's giving his height first thing, and the fact he has broad shoulders and slim waist. I believe he even gives the dimensions of the guy's waist. The description is jarring to the senses. He is strong, but the author tells us this fact rather than showing us. We are given the exact dimension of rooms in the home he is remodeling. Rather than showing us, he tells dimensions. I think it would be more interesting to say the sideboard was enormous and the a table that seats 12 is easily swallowed by the room or that two more leaves are available for expanding the table. No, he just gives the dimensions of the room. It is a little disconcerting and sterile to hear all the numbers in this dramatic story.

And, he cannot write dialogue. Writing dialogue is my stumbling block. Plus, when I describe men, it sounds like soft porn to my ears. I describe women well and write action best. This is not necessarily women in action. He is very defensive of his writing, even from a writer. Even from a teacher who has graded hundreds of essays. Even from a teacher who took courses about correcting student writing.

People (he says) have tried to help him, but he says they are not writers, so how would they know anything. He is angry at the 212 people who downloaded his book for free but were rude and bought none of the others he wrote. I think they were not going to waste money; he thinks they just took and bought nothing...mooches.

I asked exbf if I should tell his books stink. Exbf said yes.

There are choices for me.
1) Say nothing.
2) Tell him in person.
3) Send him an anonymous letter.
4) Something else--but what?

He does not read my blog. Well, I don't think he does.

Your turn
What should I do?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mavis Wants to Give You a CASE of Girl Scout Cookies

Go HERE to win a whole case of Girl Scout Cookies. There is no way I would keep these in the house because I would go into a Thin Mint coma. I will give most of these away. I can already taste them. Mavis will mail them to any place on earth. Maybe you have someone in the military that would love to get these.

Leave a comment on my blog, too, and I will give you an extra chance in my next giveaway for leaving a comment below. Of course, go try to win cookies.

Your turn
Who likes Girl Scout cookies? What is your favorite cookie? Did you enter Mavis giveaway?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Brain on Ice

Maybe it is the cold hitting my brain.

Ooops, let me say first--if I don't appear very often, I am having problems with my internet access. Last night, I could not connect, so I thought maybe I did not pay my bill. However, it was on this morning and has disconnected several times.

Now to my brain story. Last night I was freezing in here. This morning I wondered if the heater were heating so little it would soon be unable to heat at all--slowly dying since it is 25 years old. I don't have a backup. I went over and the heater was as its lowest setting. NO WONDER I was so cold. No wonder I am still cold.  The outside temperature is still only 24 degrees, and it is still frigid in here. I am attempting to declutter while it is daylight, but that is slow going. Maybe the heater will make up the lack of the last two days and finally get the room warm.

Your turn
Do you ever assume something is on only to find out that the reason it won't work is because it is off or not on the right temperature. I know you have thought you were preheating the oven when it was really off.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Am Freezing!

It is 11 pm and it is so cold here tonight...19 degrees F outdoors. In my house about 45 degrees is the warmest. Of course, I can stand in front of the heater, but that's not practical. Since the heater has not been turned off for four days, I can imagine the utility bill this next month.

Tonight was garbage night. It is picked up tomorrow. It is so cold out I did not ask Tony to carry it to the road as usual.

Hopefully, the chickens will be okay. Even though they made it through 9 degree F weather, I still worry. Their sleeping box had lots of poop in it, so I put a bit more leaves and pine straw over the poopy part. Thelma, the oldest hen, always sleeps in the middle of the box with Maggie May and Patsy Cline flanking her. They are lined up facing the door.  Last night, Thelma was sleeping crossways in front of the door. I m not sure what that was all about.

I was going to tape a piece of cardboard over the opening in the plastic bin they sleep in, but the wind would probably blow it off. Plus, I am afraid to close them too tightly in the plastic Rubbermaid. If their respiration is not allowed to escape, they will get sweaty and wet and probably become ill and die.

Is anyone else experiencing terrific winds? It was frightening even walking in my own yard because some limbs are dead, just ready to fall. One of them would kill me!

When I was in the kitchen  earlier, I noticed the kitchen curtains were blowing. One of the windows in there works its way up. Of course, it is the farther window where I would have to climb in a chair to shut it. That seems way too dangerous, so I will wait until someone more agile and strong can come here.

Tomorrow is the day exbf was going to come since it is his day off. I told him not to come because it will be 11 degrees tonight and only 25 degrees tomorrow. The hens have a heated water container, so I won't need him or me to keep putting out hot water.

I am sitting in an upholstered chair with blankets all over me. If I put my feet on the floor, my feet turn to ice. So, I keep my feet on the ottoman. It is amazing how 14 inches height makes a difference.

My six tulips were looking puny, so I covered them where they are still sitting on the metal swing. I hope that saves them from the fierce winds and low temps. Since the basement door will not close completely, I used a plastic drop cloth to stuff in the crack. The waterline trench is filled to ten inches with dirt. I hope the connection to the water meter is covered enough not to freeze.

In my basement I have a sled and a snow shovel. You would think if we have to suffer from the weather, we could at least have a bit of snow, just enough to have some fun. Then, it could all melt.

The grocery ads came today, so I will look through those. I still need to go through the Sunday coupons and the drugstore ads. The scissors are too cold to hold, so I will browse instead of cutting out coupons.

Going to bed will be the only way to get warm all over, so that will be next after the grocery ads and coupons.

Your turn
How cold is it at your house? Winds? Snow? Do your animals have good outdoor shelter? What day do your grocery ads arrive at your house?

I Am My Own Worst Enemy

Sometimes, this is so true, especially when it comes to food/groceries that I bring into the house.
For the last six weeks or more, I have had no bread of any kind in the house. I just refuse to pay full price. There is plenty of bread in the big freezer where I cannot reach it. Exbf has not gotten it for me for various reasons. But, that is okay.

Several days, I had decided to go the Thrift Bread Store. For various reasons, I never got there until last Friday.

Feb. 13
Natures Own Bread 1 @$1.19
Flower's Buns 1 @ $4.29
TastyKake 1 @ $0.89
TastyKake 1 @ $0.39
hamburger buns--free for buying $7 worth of products

The $1.19 loaf of bread i whole wheat and hfcs free, preservative free. It is over $3 in the store. I was ready to leave when I spotted the long, dark rolls. The employees said they are made for The Outback. Delicious! So, I grabbed  bag. TastyKake looked good.

At the register I think I was about $0.20 shy of $7. I asked what was the cheapest item in the store. TastyKake in the old bin was $0.39, so I got that. Since I bought $7 worth of products, I got a punch on a punch card AND a free product from the free shelf. Hamburger buns looked nice. Now, I have too much bread, way too much.  The Tastykakes are chocolate cupcakes with cream inside and chocolate icing, perfect in a bowl or cup of milk. Yes, that is how I ate them, both the first day.

Plus, I was given another loaf of bread.  Aargh!

All this bread would not be a post if exbf were coming on his day off on Thursday. But, I told him not to come. It is just too cold. So, he won't be taking half of the bread and buns home...sigh. And, he won't be here to store it in the big freezer.

I have had too many cheese sandwiches, too much butter and jelly on bread, too much bare bun with  a Diet Coke.. I am planning more bread meals/snacks--peanut butter,  banana, Miracle Whip sandwiches; BLT, toast pizza. I am incorrigible. You don't need to say it or advise me. I know.

Your turn
Do you ever overbuy things you should not? Do you get sucked into a good deal? Like I said, I was giving some away, but he won't be here to get it.

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Won! & Naughty Explorer Maggie May

I have tried to win a weather radio from television stations for several years. As I talked on the phone, the TV was down low. I was facing the TV, eyes glazed over, concentration of the conversation. Suddenly, I focused on the TV name was about four inches high, maybe taller. A little scream escaped my lips. Of course, I had to explain to the person listening. If there was contact information given, that escaped me. They are going to call me back after the 6pm newscast.

This morning about 11 am I fed and released the hens. It was raining so hard I figured they would come to the door to talk to me. When I heard nothing all day, I was not really surprised. Sometimes, they just go under the picnic table and stay on a rainy day. Other rainy days, the spend most of the day where the tarp protects them.

When I went out at 5 pm, only Thelma and Patsy Cline were in the pen, so I fed them and closed them up for the night. I rethought that, thinking Maggie May might just be late. If so, she might find a tree to roost. The door was open as I left to drive around the block. I check the back side of my block and turned to go around the other corner where Tony lives. There she was in Tony's yard.

She recognized the car and came to me. She was looking up at the window as though she might jump in. I finished pulling into his driveway and got out. She was not having anything to do with me. The poor baby was soaked. Have you ever seen a chicken that appears to have been dunked into a bucket of water?

Grrr, she went to the other side of the car and went near blueberry bushes like she would be safe. I just followed behind, talking. She walked more slowly with each step. Finally, she looked over her should like she wanted me to pick her up. I had put  a kitchen garbage bag in my pocket. I grabbed her with both hands, held her down with the left, and retrieved the garbage bag. I wrapped it around her with little trouble.

She rode around the block in my left arm, looking out the window as I drove. When I was in the driveway, she made a little noise and struggled a bit. No way! I was not going to follow her in the rain, walking with little measured chicken steps. I carried her to the pen and dumped her in.

My fleece coat was soaked. Plus, having bent over, my behind was wet.

This spring, I want more chicks. However, I cannot depend on her to train them. She would have them running all over the neighborhood. Only Thelma can be trusted.

Right now, I have to go trade the leaky milk before the streets freeze and I have problems standing or getting back up the steps.

Your turn
Do you own a weather radio? Do you like it? Does it seem your pets or livestock choose a bitterly cold, wet day to keep get you in the weather? I'm still damp, feet too, frozen, and not happy to be going out.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Laundromat Experience

What I saw horrified me. I need to stay out of the Laundromats.

Sunday, since I used my last wash cloth and had on my last clean pair of panties, I decided I could no longer put off the dreaded trip to the laundry. Usually, I go during the week and I am lucky to even see another person. The threat of ice and bad road conditions and no electricity spurred me to finally go wash clothes.

Sunday was different, but the place was still not packed. There are no tattered and dirty magazines to distract me. So, I made a couple of phone calls and watched people as I just stared off into the distance. I no longer read public magazines, so it was okay.

What horrified me? I watched as men and women alike poured 1/2 to 1 cup of detergent and softener into the washing machines. After that, I deliberately watched to see how much people used. Of course, I did not check to see what the various bottles suggested, but since I use bottled detergent, I am pretty sure they used more than the manufacturer suggested.

As I sat waiting, Scooby Doo was on the tv. Just kill me now. Then, the little kid changed the channel. Sooo, when the kid left, I could change the channel. One day, I watched Spanish TV and thought I had no recourse. Since I figured out how to change the channel, CNN was mine. A guy who did not speak English very well, asked me where it happened, referring to the shooting in Copenhagen. "Here?"  No, in Copenhagen. "Is that here?" No, in Europe. "Is that here?"  No, in Denmark. "Oh." I am not sure he ever understood. He just walked away. Then, I sat there mulling over my memory--is Copenhagen really in Denmark? Yes, I know it is, but I don't know why I am second guessing my memory.

I was proud of one guy who used 1 cup liquid detergent on his clothes when he separated his clothes, dark from light. Then, he threw all together, dark and light, into one dryer. Money can't be that tight.

Going to the laundromat is the most boring thing I have ever done! I managed to drop two items on the floor, so I gathered them up to hang and dry and put back into the laundry hamper. I saw other people just pick up clothing and throw it in the dryer or the clean clothes basket. I threw up a little in my mouth.

One couple with two little children used eight washers! These were the $6 washers. How can people afford this, especially when they use a cup of detergent?

Taking in one load of laundry, half in one trip and half in the other, still caused me extreme pain, and now, tonight, I can barely walk. Ugh!

When I was able to get a shower and wash my hair this evening, I was ecstatic! Still no water.

Your turn
Do you or have you ever had to use the laundry, either public or in an apartment building? Do any of you use a cup of liquid detergent? Do you get as bored as I do? While I was not judging, I was intrigued. Okay, so I was judging. Get over it.

Romping Raccoons

The kits are becoming more active, romping through the space above my sleeping/living area, one room in this case. My barking and growling slows them down little. I growled when two kits were practicing being destructive by scratching the ceiling tiles. I cannot have them scratching holes into my ceiling.

For the last three days, things on the porch and in the flower bed outside the picture window across the end of the room have been moved around. They knocked a gallon jug down the steps, along with a plastic window box. Thankfully, the glass jug did not break. The heavy metal key to the water meter was knocked off the bbq grill. That means they are climbing the vinyl cover.....sigh.

Dusting off the trap will be my next move. If I catch the Mama, maybe the babies will be easier to trap. If I trap a baby, Mama may jump me. Or, she might dig her way through the ceiling. She is huge.

At that point, I might just let her have the house. Have you ever seen the destruction a raccoon can cause? I have, but I cannot find the sites now. One site showed how the raccoons had opened every cabinet, the refrigerator and freezer. They destroyed the furniture, ripping the upholstery, pooping and peeing everywhere.

As long as they don't get my hens, I can handle this annoyance and get rid of them. Raccoons like strawberries and shiny things. If I put a can of sardines or tuna in the trap as some advise, I just catch cats.

I was talking to a young man about raccoons and their love of shiny objects. He said the steal his tools on the farm, carrying off pliers, wrenches, sometimes his cap.  Often, he finds a cache of his tools.

One supermarket was caught selling raccoons for $9.99/lb. The raccoons were not dressed. Imagine seeing a dead raccoon with its bloody fur just thrown in with the other frozen meat. When the article starts, just click the commercial to make it go away--loud music.

When I hear scratching at the door, I never open it. This is why.

Your turn
What is your experience with raccoons? What would you do if you went into a supermarket and saw a bloody raccoon's beady little eyes looking at you?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

On A Scale of One to Bacon...

                                 You're Bacon....Definitely Bacon!

                                Happy BaconValentine's Day!

Your turn:
How do you like your bacon?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Nestle's Deal

The Nestle's 75th Anniversary Tins were lovely to look at and held two bags of chocolate chips, 12 ounce and 8 ounces bags I believe. They were $5.98, too rich for my blood.

However, when the price came down to $3, I was hooked. I paid $3, got 20 oz. of chocolate chips, a tin, and a $1.50 coupon....YAY! I spent the coupon on a $2.50 package of chocolate chip cookie dough with the coupon. My final cost was $1.00 on the cookies. Total spent was $3.50. I put the chips in a Ball canning jar and eat a few at a time once a day if I think of it. So, I put it in a cabinet where I cannot see chocolate.

If you have not seen the tin,  LOOK at the picture 1st Man took of his tin.

Thanks to slugmama, I changed Hershey to Nestlé's.

Your turn
Did you see the tins or find them reduced at Walmart?

My Lost Sugar

Three times as sweet
July 2013 picture

Several years ago, found sugar on sale and had store coupon and another coupon for sugar, making sugar $1 for a four pound bag. I ended up buying 36 pounds of sugar @ 25 cents lb. After it was put into quart jars, I ran out of quart jars, then put some in pint jars, moved on to large glass peanut butter jars, whew. I filled the Tupperware canister I use for sugar. I found two more canisters identical to the sugar canister and filled those. That is a lot of sugar since the size Tupperware canister I use for sugar holds five pounds.

Now, years later, I am out of sugar in the kitchen. I will have to get a stool and see what is up high then get on my knees to see what is low.

Last night, I wanted a bowl of oatmeal. While I was microwaving the oats and water, I poured myself a glass of milk, got out the margarine, salt and ???? where is the sugar? I think it is at exbf's house. I sent it there in liquor boxes with the nice dividers because there was no room here. He denies this....sigh.

At any rate I ate oats with no sugar last night, just a touch of salt, margarine, and lots of raisins. Ugh. It was filling but not so satisfying to me psychologically without sugar. I always ate too much sugar, butter, but little to no salt on my oats. The chickens like it fixed that way, too. I just started eating the raisins in oats after a long spell without raisins. We ate raisins in our oatmeal often when I was a child. The chickens pick the raisins out of their oatmeal in a frenzy before they settle down to eating the oatmeal.

If the gods of lost things and the gods of sugar will help me find my sugar, I will only use one teaspoon of sugar with my oatmeal from now on.

Yes, I know I eat too much sugar in my oatmeal, but often it is the only sugar I eat all day when I eat nothing processed, no bread, and no goodies. We won't talk about the other days. Okay, since you know I have an abundance of chocolate chips, we will talk about my sugar intake. I do eat a dozen chips at one sitting and usually once a day. Since I need to lose weight, I cut back a little everywhere.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients and amounts of sugar in bread? I have.

Sluggy has a POST on salt today. This sugar post is just a coincidence. Did you realize that if you cut back, not even cut out salt and sugar, you would probably still be eating too much of each for optimal health? Salt holds nothing for me. Sugar is a different story.

I know I have this week about Hershey's, but I am not eating it all. I did eat the 12 cookies over three days. Usually 12 cookies would be just a start for me one evening.

(Why did Blogger put another post ahead of this later post?)

Your turn
Have you ever "lost" something as huge as two dozen+ quart jars of sugar? Are you trying to cut back on salt or sugar?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Arch Enemy Is Dead and Better Explanation

Last night, I went to BAM for a writer's meeting. There I saw a long-time friend sitting and reading the paper. After Hellos he ask me if I had heard about (not his real name) Ed. At that moment I suddenly knew Ed was dead.  But, I said, "No, what?"

Ed died with a bottle. Yes, literally drinking himself to death. I have know him since 1980, for 35 years. He was my archenemy in the quest for the soul of a dear friend who died in 2001. My friend, John, is the hoarder friend who died.

Ed thwarted John's attempts to visit family, kept him away from a relative's birthday party, encouraged John to drink, encouraged  John to spend money by inviting John out to dinner and telling John he did not have money, so he needed to pick up the check.

Ed even had some occasions with pre-teens where he would disappear with the teen by "getting lost" as groups of people were going from one house to another. Mothers helped cover it up. I actually hated him.

Nothing ever stuck to him even when he was caught red-handed. He could not walk after being stopped for drunk driving, but it never hit the police reports, and he never saw the inside of a police station. He had two elected uncles who were legends in the state, so he was always protected. John thought if any of us tried to ever bring him to justice, we would suffer so we would just move from the state.

So, my arch-enemy is dead. Why is he my arch-enemy? He tried to pry John from me. He wanted John the help him sue me for slander. You see, Ed never owned a car for about 20 years, but drove his mother's and said it was his. One day, I was laughing at the lies he told to a girlfriend, and told her that was his mother's car. So, she dumped him and told him what I said. He could never have won because the car was in his mother's name.
Better Explanation
Ed also brought John alcohol when John became sober. He tried to get John to leave the place where he was drying out. He told John he was okay to drive right after a colonoscopy and gave him his keys! Ed never tried to be supportive of any good practices or habits John struggled to maintain. I did encourage John in his sobriety.
He went to a Latin American county and found a wife, eventually bringing her here, a wonderful woman who was not in the relationship for money or the get to the US. He beat her, kicked her, dragged her ten-year-old around by his hair. Yet, she stayed. Twenty-two years later, she is free.

He often left his government job to go to her in Latin America because she was pregnant, had a bad time while pregnant, and then went to the funeral of a still born. All lies. Yet he spent the better part of a year milking this story and getting excessive paid time off. She denies being pregnant or burying a baby.

There is more, but, I will quit. I could not even bear to go to his funeral. I went last night to the viewing because of his wife and her relatives. So, it is done.

However, back then there were three guys and I who visited, went places in  groups of varying size. We were the best of friends. This was before the vendetta that Ed had against me. Neither of the other guys would cut me out. So, I alone stand today. Drinking and smoking caused their demise. Not doing so may have saved me their fate.

I wished him no ill, but the Arch Enemy is gone. His lies have stopped. He can no longer destroy lives of women and their children, women he married or lived with. He did not try to harm me for years, but then it happened, and he backed off for the last ten years because the men he wanted to help him take me to court and shun me are dead.

I never wished him dead. He has been harmless to me for the last 15 years.

Now, all this is fodder for my book.

Your turn
So, there is no hate. Just part of my life recalled. I just hope not going to his funeral is not distasteful to anyone.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A New, Old Garden Project

I will post the pictures later.

About 15 years ago, I found an old wheel barrow for $5. One handle was duct-taped together. That held up for about ten years. However, the flat tire worked for all of two minutes after it was pumped up. I replaced it with a $35 tire and charged for taking the other off and putting on the new one. For another 13 or so years, it all worked.

Then, exbf could not easily get it out of the basement or put it back. So, it stayed in the weather and the duct tape failed. The wood handles rotted and the wheel came off. The little loop thing that attached to the wood was on the rotted, detached piece of wood. Then, in a stroke of luck, I found that piece.

Let's just say--I now have a pile of rust and rot.

Last fall, I could only find two wheelbarrow handles, one at Lowes and one at TSC. I bought the one at TSC and took it to Lowes. Nope, they did not match. The guy's comment of "but, it's close" did not sway me. At both places, a single handle was $17.50 + tax.

Remember? I have all sorts of gift cards. One is from Lowes. So, on  the off-chance that wheelbarrow handles had come in, I checked. Lo and behold, handles came in. At this point I suppose everyone is buying handles to repair their wheelbarrows since it is cold outside. I chose two handles.

My plans
The surface needs to be sanded to get off whatever was put on the handles to finish the wood surface. After that I will put on boiled linseed or tung oil. Since I am not sure which will protect better, I need more research unless one of you know.

If I can paint over the new finish I use, I will paint them a pretty color. Then, I need to mark where the wheelbarrow and the wheels will be attached. Remember, I am not so educated in the makings of wheelbarrows.

Hopefully, next I can get the metal wheelbarrow part off the broken handles and discard the wood. Maybe I can sand the metal by myself. Otherwise, I will need some help. A pink metal body will be pretty. We will see.

If the wheel is still good, I will try screwing the wheel braces on and the metal body attached. The metal body has a rolled edge, which I am told is a good and rare component. The metal body is so heavy and very deep. But, this will be difficult for me to work with as I try to repair my $5 wheelbarrow. This will be stronger and cheaper than a sturdy, new wheelbarrow.

Oh, one last thing. There is a wedge of wood between the handles and the metal body. No one seems to know what I am talking about. A picture of these wedges and measurement will go to the guy at the hardware store who does my wood things for me--small cuts so I can continue with my simple projects.

I know a guy of moderate skills and strength or a woman who did this stuff easily could fix this in one day. I have obstacles to overcome, so we will see how long it takes.

Oh, one guy at a store said, "Why don't you just buy this little $10 wheelbarrow? The plastic won't rust or rot. Plus, it will be cheaper for you. It will be good for you."

"It will be good for you." Translation: "you will not need anything heavy duty because you are a disabled girl who never does anything that will be heavy." ...... Grrrr I do find guys who will help and are grateful to have the proper equipment or tool.

New handles: $12.50. I wonder why they are cheaper this year. ???

Two eggs
One dream.

Your turn
Should I use tung oil or boiled linseed oil on the bare wood of the handles? Does your wheelbarrow have a wedge of wood between handles and metal body?

Friday, February 6, 2015

Can you diagnose my car problem? Recall? Insurance suggestions?

Mystery Car Problem
I was about to drive 30 miles in one direction and then come home and drive 25 miles in the other direction. But, as I pulled around the corner (remember, I live on a corner.), I saw one of the indicator lights flash. I immediately pulled over and turned off the car. I turned the key so all those lights were on and looked at the spot where I saw the red flash.

I cannot post a picture, so let me explain what the symbol looked like. It was an almost-square rectangle lying on the long side. Across the bottom were waves maybe just pointy peaks and valleys. From the top and pointed to the bottom was an arrow. I took it back to the place where I had it serviced last and an oil change. I forgot what they called it. At any rate it was below freezing here in the daytime, so I had them check to see how cold it would hold--something like 9 degrees.

The reservoir was full, but we only sat for ten minutes until they checked the car. Then, it was driven to the back where the doors are located for the bays.

After the delay, the day was uneventful. But, since them, I get the same red symbol flashing just for a moment. I am quite sure the mechanic can repair something. What I want to know is why this symbol flashes for a split second so I don't just take it in for weeks until the actual problem shows up and possibly disables my car or cost more. ???

Chevy Malibu, 2000, 187K miles on it.

Oh yeah, the check engine light has been on for years. Auto Zone said the check engine light is broken or something.

Another thing, this car has the recall for the key falling out. My key has fallen out for years. Only twice has it caused a problem. Once, while I was stopped, the car died. I just restarted it. Another time, I was driving slowly and had to manhandle the car around a corner. Since I have two torn rotator cuffs and carpal tunnel in both wrists AND bad back injuries, that was an adventure in pain. However, I have had to drive a car without power steering when things went wrong, so I knew to put my all into it. Yes, it hurt, but I did not die or have a wreck!

New Insurance
Remember all the times when I locked the keys in the car? Well, I used State Farm roadside service to unlock my car. Every time, the key was half-hanging from the ignition, so the ding ding thing did not warn me and refuse to lock the door. NOW, State Farm is upset because I used my roadside service too many times--five times in 3 years. They suggested I get AAA. That won't happen, so don't suggest it. I will cancel State Farm and get another insurance policy. However, I must do this by Monday. My roadside service was only $8.yr.

Dreams and Eggs
1 egg
I forgot the dream.

Your turn
Thoughts on the dash symbol? Insurance recommendation other than State Farm or AAA? Have you had a recall during this GM problem?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

How Not to Dry Mushrooms

There is a right way and a wrong way. I think I found the wrong way. I know lots about dehydrating. Okay, stop laughing. When I am confused, I look up what I need to know.

I know that case hardening happens when the slices of whatever you are dehydrating are too thick. The outside gets hard and dry, leaving the inner part damp, causing it to mold. Plus, all the slices should be the same thickness. None of this was going on with my mushrooms.

Some slices of mushroom were very thick, nearly a half-inch thick. Others were mere slivers. I set about to turning the overly thick slices into something thicker than the mere slivers.

Two hours later when I opened the door to the dehydrator, little bits of trash blew out to join other little bits of trash on the counter and the floor. Soon, it was apparent the "trash" was thoroughly dehydrated mushroom slices. I ate the ones on the counter. Throughout the evening, I repeatedly opened the door and watched more wisps of mushroom fly out.

Next time, I will put the thick pieces in the front of the tray and the thicker pieces on the back of the tray. I may cover the mushrooms with one of the mesh lingerie bags.


Tonight, I bought a package of Red Velvet Oreos. On the way home, I stopped and gave the rest of the bag to Tony so I would not eat them all tonight. "You are so funny." Then, he left with them, saving me from myself. I put two cookies in my pocket and cannot find them. I don't remember eating them. ???

Your turn
Is there another food that takes flight after dehydrating? Do you ever rush to give away food/sweets so you will not have it around the house because you know you will overeat?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tuesday Shopping

The weekly grocery ads come out on Wednesday, so on Tuesday I always look over the ads about to expire and price-match at Walmart. I have not figured out what percent these items were of the original price.

In order to figure my money spent in February and percentage saved, I have a separate post for the month of February. Slugmama always asks how much a person has spent the last month. The lack of this knowledge has spurred me on to figure out how to keep up and report back.

This will only tell you what I bought and what I paid.
2 containers of sliced mushrooms--$0.49 each
6 pint containers of grape tomatoes--$0.99 each
6 stalks of celery--$0.69 each
2 1-lb bags of baby carrots--$0.99 each
4 pkgs Kraft shredded cheese--$2.00 each
6 chunk Kraft cheese--$2.00 each
3 single bananas--$0.44/lb

Today, the grocery ads for local stores came out and there is practically nothing to buy. Actually, there are lots of sales, just not anything I buy. I can look up Kroger and Publix online to see what great prices I can find.

In the meantime I am dehydrating mushrooms and one container of grape tomatoes tonight. The problem is that the mushrooms need a lower heat to dehydrate them. The plus is the mushrooms are washed and dried. So, I am holding off the rest of the grape tomatoes and celery until morning. This is my first time ever to dehydrate any kind of tomato or mushrooms.

I rarely buy mushrooms even though I love mushrooms. I cannot afford them! I sort of wish I had bought a dozen boxes for adding to dishes, especially spaghetti.

I'm not sure how I will use the dehydrated grape tomatoes. They are certainly not sun-dried, but I imagine they are just as tasty. I like sun-dried tomatoes, but they make me dizzy because of the preservatives, nitrites/nitrates. Then, I cannot think and have a week-long headache. These will be preservative-free, but will still possibly carry the residue of pesticides or fertilizers...sigh. It is hard to fight all fronts if you don't raise your own.

Dinner at the church tonight was boxed mashed potatoes (pretty good), mixed peas and carrots (brought home for hens),  very good roll, pork chop (thick and delicious), and banana pudding that I should have not eaten. The hens have the leftovers of three plates for tomorrow.

They have to stay in the pen most of tomorrow, so the whole pork chop and my half eaten two pork chops will keep them busy pecking. They will get cracked corn and oats. They should stay occupied for the day.

One egg. Running out of water is still affecting them. They now have their water heater, so the water will not freeze, leaving them "waterless."

One dream I must recall.
Your turn
Have you ever dehydrated mushrooms? Or grape tomatoes?

Yummy Recipe

This recipe was well-received and easy to make. Okay, up until I spilled a whole can of black beans in the kitchen it was easy. Actually, I did not spill a can of black beans, I launched them. There are probably a few black beans on the refrigerator.

I had drained and rinsed the beans with expensive bottled water. Then, I placed the colander on the sink, front of the sink to drain. I am not even sure how it happened, but I hit the front of the colander and the beans flew higher than my head and landed around my feet and ten feet away. I was ready to go to bed except for assembling the rest of the casserole, so I turned off the kitchen light and went to bed.

You heard it--to bed. I just did not care because I was so demoralized. When exbf arrived the next morning, I was still in bed. I told him not to go in the kitchen, just look in. He did. "Good Lord! What happened?" He never talks like that, so I know it was a shock to him. Yes, I swept them up, but not before I squashed a few underfoot....sigh.

This recipe came from One Hundred Dollars a Month. I made mine slightly different, but I am sure she is okay with it.

Her recipe:

2 cups cooked rice
1 lb ground beef {I used Zaycon ground beef}
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup chopped green or red bell pepper
1 can {15 oz} black beans, drained and rinsed
1 can {8 oz} tomato sauce
1 cup corn {I used frozen}
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 1/2 teaspoons chili powder
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
2 tablespoons fresh chopped cilantro
1 cup cheese, shredded {cheddar or Monterey jack work best, but use whatever you have on hand}

My recipe:
1 cup cooked brown rice
1 lb ground beef less  bit I ate
1/2 cup chopped onion or something like that amount
1/4 cup chopped green pepper or something near that amount
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed (low sodium) (bought new at store)
1/ 2 can Progresso Meal Starters, fire roasted tomato
1 can corn
1 Tbsp taco seasoning from a pouch
1 pkg grated cheese, 5 cheese Italian (Mavis did not put cheese inside the casserole)
sliced cheddar cheese on top last five minutes

Cook this for 25 minutes, covered at 350 degrees, the five minutes with cheese on top.

This was just spicy enough for me. It can also be used as a dip.

There was just enough of the bell pepper and onion left for another recipe, so it has been dehydrated and store in a 2 oz. Ball jar.

Mavis triples the recipe and freezes it. Go on over to her blog and read the directions for the recipe. Since I tried it and loved it, I will make it and put it in portions in pint freezer bags and quarts for  single serving for me or enough for the two of us when he comes here.

Week before last, I had three one pound rolls of ground beef. I cooked and crumbled two and froze them in pint jars. One went into spaghetti. The other was put in the taco casserole. This ground beef was so lean that I had to add oil to cook it.

After I crumbled the two, I made him a hamburger with crumbled meat. So, that was all that was missing from the two pints I froze. I forgot what I used the third pound for, but we got about six servings or more from each pound.

One egg today.

Your turn
Do you ever acquire such lean meat? Does this taco salad sound delicious to you? Who is going to try it someday?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Highlights of Monday

Even though it was cold and windy here today, reading this from a local weather station, I have had something to look forward to while I shivered.

"Our shortest day, December 20, we only had 9 hours and 55 minutes of daylight, with a sunrise at 647 am and a sunset at 442 pm.  Today, we are still only getting 10 hours and 35 minutes of daylight, with a sunset at 518 pm.  But, if you notice from the chart, the length of day is a wave, known in math as a sine wave, due to the earth's revolution around the sun.  We are gaining daylight at a rate of almost 2 minutes per day now, and that will accelerate more until we get to March 20, the spring equinox, when we'll have about 12 hours of daylight.  After that, the days will continue to get longer, just at a slower rate.  Eventually, by June and July, we'll have more than 14 hours of daylight, with sunsets at 800 pm! "
Dr. Tim Coleman

Yay for sunlight! We will be in the mid 60s by the weekend.

No eggs on Monday. But, the hens hung around the back door all day, begging for food every time I came in or out of the house. They came up on the railing by the back door and begged. Some days I rarely see them on the side of the house. They wanted oatmeal. The mirror remains a toy for them. Maggie May was pecking her beak while Patsy Cline just watched.

Not the dream, just the inspiration--I woke up Monday morning after dreaming a funny and strange dream inspired by Maggie May and her suitemates on Sunday. When I went out and headed to their pen, all three were behind a 21" ladder leaned against the house. For some reason they had scratched a bare spot just behind the end of the ladder. I laughed, thanking them for clearing the plants and loosening the soil so I could plant there. I thought how terrible I was to take their work from them. After purchasing a bag of 80 yellow onions to plant, I decided to just plant them here and there in the yard and pots.

The dream--So, seeing the hens clearing the "land" for me caused me to dream that I made tiny little gardens. These little gardens in my dream were only about a foot square. I tended them on my knees. Now, you know that is impossible. I had little gardens all over the yard. The plants I tended were about an inch tall and an inch apart. In the dream I had carved the gardens out of spots the hens cleared for me. People commented on my strange gardens and wanted to know what was planted. I didn't know. But, I worked in them diligently all night long. The plants rows were in a "U" shape with one plant in the middle. The shape made no sense.

This morning we went to Sonic at 11 am for half price foot long hotdog which was breakfast for me. My footlong had just a bit of cheese on the ends. I called and told the order takers. Once before when half the hotdog had no cheese on one half, the carhop brought me more cheese. Today, I got a new order. That was embarrassing. I took it home, became hungry and ate it bout 3pm. That was too much chili for me. For dinner, I made Taco Casserole. On Tuesday, I will post that recipe.

Exbf put together the water heater for the hens, just a lamp inside a popcorn tin with a metal "bucket" turn over it with metal waterer on top. That all sits on a 16" concrete square. It will keep the water from freezing. Plus, the water will not be frigid. Warm water is good for them on freezing days.

I washed my hair in the bathroom sink in cold water from gallon jugs. And, I screamed repeatedly when the cold water was poured over my head. I wonder what the neighbors thought exbf was doing to me.

Your turn

Did anyone get a Sonic foot long hotdog today? Do you ever garden in your dreams?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Sonic Foot Long Hotdog Deal

In honor of Ground Hog Day, Sonic is selling foot long hotdogs half price today. We had that for lunch today because I love them and love to get them cheap. Two cost $4.03+tip. We brought our own drinks.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Easier Way to Use Coupons, Plus Coupon Lingo Demystified

We no longer have to cut out and organize coupons in binders. Actually, for several years we have been free of that burden. I have to admit that I enjoyed that task of clipping and filing. However, I did not enjoy the purging of expired coupons. I really hated letting a good coupon expire when I really wanted to and needed to use it.

Check out the 2015 Sunday Coupon Preview HERE.  There are five Sundays that there will be no inserts.

Just before the actual printed schedule, click on the last sentence with leads you to exactly which coupons will be in each insert. In case you miss it, look HERE.

The insert schedule keeps me from a making a wasted trip to the store to get papers for coupons. Several years ago, I would just buy papers and come home puzzled as to why there were no inserts. Now, I know better.

The coupon list solves several problems. 1) Maybe you don't want the paper because there is not  coupon in the paper that you need. You know before you go to buy the paper whether you want it or not. I cannot imagine not needing coupons. 2) When you see a deal, you can check for coupons. 3) Conversely, when you see a coupon for a product you want, you can look for a sale of that product or just use it without a sale. 4)The expiration date of the coupon is included, meaning you are less likely to let a coupon expire.

All this is not new, but if one person missed these sites, now you know. If someone has refused to cut coupons to use them, well, here is the chance to take an easy route.

I have decided to print the coupon lists to keep with the coupons to help me be more efficient.

Does the coupon lingo confuse you? Look HERE and overcome the confusion. is raining and cold right now. Even though the temperature is 57 degrees F, I need the heater. Walmart is closing right now, so I will go out after it opens at midnight to get papers and some drinking water. Tomorrow will still be rainy, but the temperature will be lower.

Right now, I suppose I will scramble three eggs for late dinner. I don't eat toast or anything, just drink milk with eggs.

Oh, I collected two eggs today and dreamed last night.

Your turn
IF you use coupons, do you use these sites to determine when coupons are in the paper and which coupons are there? If you don't use coupons, never mind. Have you ever, like I, wondered what coupon bloggers were talking about?

What's Up With Patsy Cline?

She is puzzling. Does she think her life depends on laying eggs? No, it doesn't. Is she trying to keep up with Thelma and Maggie May? Who knows? Maybe.

Patsy Cline spends a lot of time on the nest. I know Thelma's egg because it is huge. Maggie May's egg is smaller than Patsy Cline's but not by much. Plus, there is a sort of pearly, translucent look to Maggie May's egg, sort of a peach under-color.

Patsy Cline  sits in the nest too much for a hen that is not laying at all. Okay, that is just my opinion. And, she is not broody. She is less than two-years old.

Exbf was changing their sleeping bed pinestraw and fluffing the laying nest. He refilled their water. He said Patsy Cline stayed in the pen the whole time, walking around and talking to him. Remember, the pen door was open. They had been fed, but the other two finished eating and left the pen.

He said that as soon as he finished with their nest and bed, Patsy Cline jumped into the laying box and sat down. We both laughed and are amused at her desire to just sit for a few minutes. It's as if she remembers sitting in the nest last year, but cannot remember what to do.

She sometimes sits on eggs, but mostly just spend ten minutes or thirty minutes on the empty next and jumps right off for food or any other distraction. Often, she just jumps up to sit with Thelma or Maggie May as one of them is laying an egg.

I think she is deliberately faking it but does not know we can count.

Your turn
Have you ever had a youngish hen just sit on the nest after the winter lull?