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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chicken Talk

not feeling well

The morning after Thelma spent the night out of the pen, she retired to the back of the pen with tail down and head pulled in. She ate nothing, just stood. It made me sad to think she might die. Unlike Fancy, Thelma would not come out so I could hold her.

In the picture above, she had her head down and tail down, just standing. Then, I bent over, trying to take a picture under the table. Thelma then stood up, raising her head and tail a bit. So, I did not get the shot I wanted.

Since she barely could walk the first morning back, maybe she failed to jump up to the table or from the table to nest. Maybe she left the open pen for a safer place to sleep. Maybe her failure to jump up is why there were feathers right in front of the table. I had wondered why there was no trail of feathers like when the two little ones were killed and obviously dragged off.

At any rate, she barely seems interested in eating. She just walks a little and stands.

One morning, I took cherries that rolled all over the kitchen floor, salad left from exbf, apple cores, and various fruits and vegetables. Well, there were three stunned hens, walking around like the earth had ended. If they don't get oats, they are sad. So, they all just left the pen, walking dispirited, looking for bugs.

(Okay, I am sitting here at McD's with a back still aching from Saturday night's visit. So, it will be hurting worse tomorrow.)

It appears that Thelma is getting better. The first day when she did not seem so ill, her crop seemed larger, engorged. But, neither exbf nor I can reach her when she won't come out of the corner! Well, we could dismantle the set-up. She has not given up an egg, either. I have had hens walk around like this, tail down and head down and pulled in before. Only Fancy did not get better.

The little one is taller than Patsy Cline. She seems all neck and legs. Seriously, I think her neck grew three inches taller one night. I do hope the little one is a hen.

Your turn
Does anyone agonize over their hens' safety? Do your hens appear visibly ecstatic or sad according to what they receive to eat? Going home.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chicken Talk; No Talk

Well, I am sitting here at McD, trying to post. that's not happening. My internet was cut off, something about not making a payment since May, so this saga continues. I do make payments, but there is no way to tell  where they put the payments. By Tuesday I will have Charter. The Charter guy annoyed me so, acting like it was dumb not to bundle. And, asking me why I don't have a home phone. I didn't tell him I had MagicJack because he was so annoying. I did tell him I had an outdoor antenna--three times! Yet, he still badgered me about bundling and get Charter TV.

I asked him a direct question. He said, "Oh, there is no use trying to explain that because it would just confuse you." I told him that was not a good think to say to anyone, especially a woman. Then, I asked for a supervisor who was nicer, still sighing because I would not knuckle under. At least there is no contract with this.

ATT will get their money I owe--$5 each month.

I may buzz around a few blogs or not. Sitting here makes me want to cry because of the pain.

Since I cannot, for some reason, post a picture, I will just stop and not talk about chickens.

Your turn
If you have Charter, have you had problems with customer service or with the reception itself?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sold a Car!

Pontiac Grand Am
1998 6 cylinder
I got a good price according to exbf. And, the guy was really happy. The car had bad brakes, something wrong with head gasket (busted or cracked?), needed water in radiator every trip he made to work and on the way home. Oil needed frequent refilling. The passenger front seat would not sit up straight. The transmission was slipping badly. The ac did not work! The car roared because of the exhaust or something. AND, exbf ran under a truck a few months ago. The hood will close no more than it is closed in the picture above.

That is the corner of my lot where it is sitting. It had been sitting in this spot for exactly four weeks, since he bought a new vehicle.. I wanted to sell it before it quit working and before some of the hoity toity neighbors complained about the junker on the street. It started first time the key was turned. They never even drove it, got into it, or put it into gear. Exbf told no lies about the car.

When I called the mechanic to tell him about the car this afternoon, he asked me, "I don't suppose it runs?" I assured him the owner drove it 200 miles each week for work and another 130 miles round-trip to come to my house. The mechanic said, "If it runs, I will definitely buy it."

The guy handed exbf $300 cash--3 $100 bills.

How did I get $300 for this car from the first person I called and the first person who looked at it? I called a certified mechanic to see if he had any idea of a person who might want to buy a car. He and his son came by and were really, really happy. The son works for a tire dealer across the street from where the father is a mechanic in a full-service station. The father smiled as he said that his son could learn to fix it, that he had been wanting a car. The son seemed to like that his father said that. The son smiled when I asked him where he worked. He commented that when business was down he could pull it into a bay and work on it. He appeared so happy and proud in a very quiet way. So, there appeared to be a bonding moment I was watching as the father beamed at his son. There will be probably many more bonding hours with this car.

See the twine holding down the hood?

I have no idea how this twine kept the hood down since this car drives about 200 interstate miles at high speeds! Yes, they untied it and looked under the hood and made sparks fly when the did something wiggly to the wires attached to something. Spark plugs?

If I had taken pictures before the two guys arrived, I could have gotten better pictures. It felt like I was interrupting guy talk. Maybe I would ruin the sale? So, pictures I could get and only one shot of each were all I dared to take.

new owner

Once in about 1986, I sold a car without a back bumper for $350. My friend was shocked I got so much from the first person I asked if she knew someone who needed a car. She said she drove it for over 3 years without a bit of trouble. Maybe I sold it too cheaply? I did give her the bumper, but she never put it on.

By the way, he sold his last running car for the $100 a guy offered him. Since the car was left here when he drove the other one home, I was sort of in charge of selling this one. Exbf was thrilled with what I got.

Your turn
Does the car look and sound like it is worth $300? If you are a mechanic, would you have bought it for a kid to learn by doing?

"In all my born days..." and Accidental Windfall

I would never imagine anyone giving me $20 for returning a Visa card.

After I paid for my gas, I went out to pump it. There, right beside my gas tank on the ground was a Visa card. I picked it up, put it in my pocket, intending to take it inside. But, I pumped my gas, went on my way. I took off those pants and two days later was going to wash them. There was the Visa card. I left it on the bathroom counter so I would not stash it somewhere "safe" and never find it.

I called today and talked to the woman's husband. He said that only moments before my call did she realize she did not have it. So, he said he would come get it anywhere, anytime today or when it was convenient. Then, I discovered I had no bread or buns for the turkey sandwich planned for lunch. So, I called him back and told him we would meet him at Burger King as we were going through the drive-thru.

He met us with a smile, an older man, very fit and with a strong gait. As he took the card, he slipped a $20 into my hand and kept backing up and folding my hand around it as I objected to taking money. If he weren't faster than I am, I would have gone to his car and put the money inside. And, I think it so rude to toss a gift of money to the ground. Sooo, guess who paid for our lunch. Of course, we used a coupon, bought a fifty-cent Coke from a machine and sat under the picnic tree. (a former post shows the tree throwing shade to park under, right at the back of the parking lot.) We are not spending $4 on fountain cokes! Now, exbf is working his meal off while I sitting with ear drops in my ear, trying not to let them run out soon.

Still, I feel almost ashamed for taking the money.

As we ate, I told exbf, "Never in all my born days would I expect to get money for returning a credit card or anything!"

Now, that is a good old Southern expression that I heard all the time from my Mississippi relatives and people in Memphis and Jackson, Mississippi.

Your turn
Have you ever heard that expression? Where did you hear it? State? Relatives? Slugmama, how about you?

Would you feel guilty for taking a $20 bill for simply being honest and caring that a woman got her cc back?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What is This Weed?

8 feet tall


Sometimes, I allow a weed to grow just to see what it is.  Do you know what it is? The very top has cylindrical things, pink, that will soon flower. I DO NOT want to disperse the seeds unless this weed is edible.

6 feet tall
Here is a picture with the setting sun shining on it, making the dark green leaves very pale. Both these were in open areas that the last mower did not mind leaving unmowed!

Your turn
These need to be beheaded, at least, before the seeds disperse. Does anyone have a clue as to what these might be?

In a Fever and Second Chances

Literally and figuratively! This is long and not exciting at all.

Last Monday, I was not feeling well and did not lock the hens in their pen. Yes, I know. Since I had a lunch to attend on Tuesday, I needed milk, so I washed my hair at 2 am and went to Walmart at 2:30 am. At 3 am, I went straight to lock them in. Well, Patsy Cline and the little one were standing up, looking at me, and acting agitated. Usually, they are all sitting and sleepy-eyed.

Thelma was nowhere to be seen. There were feathers on the ground, her feathers. I did it again and was so upset. I was heartsick!

Finally, about 6 am I got to sleep and awoke to go to the bathroom about 9 am and stayed up. I was miserable feeling in more ways than mentally. I dragged myself to the lunch and came home with the remains of four dinners--grilled chicken quarters, slaw, baked beans and one slice of bread.

Imagine my surprise when I found Thelma walking around near the back of the pen! She fussed at me all the way to the pen and once inside. It was a small growling sound, continuous and accusing (to my mind). I think the cat attacked her and she escaped! The three of the hens gobbled the food I brought from the lunch.

Thelma is 5.5 years old and the best layer I have. I got a second chance to do better for her.

Having fed them, I left with a lighter heart to go to the doctor. My wait at Urgent Care waiting room was maybe five minutes. My wait in the exam room was maybe ten minutes. This doctor agreed last time to be my family doctor. He is the one who came in the door telling me what prescriptions he was going to give me and left without my having a chance to talk. Besides, he held the door open when I talked to him, telling him I was not finished.

Yesterday, he was so nice. Unbelievable! He listened and even asked about my being a teacher. Marvelous! Either he remembered or wrote it down. Either way, he is a winner in my book. Have you ever been to a physician who asked if you were married, or what kind of work you did, or if you had children? Most have written down at least a smidgen of personal information. Dana's doctor even denied having given her certain prescriptions!

His PA said he had a shoulder problem that needed surgery and a neck problem that needs surgery. The more serious neck problem causes him pain when me raises his head. He must have the shoulder surgery before he has the more serious neck surgery. So, he walks about looking straight down, sort   with his chin on his chest. He is in pain many days, so he is not so friendly those days. The PA said he was lots of fun when he was not in pain. He was never mean to me, just in a hurry that first time. I'm glad I gave him a second chance. Maybe there is a lesson here on second chances. And, I really like him.

I went back to the doctor only because he said he would be my family physician and I needed four things yesterday: 1) form filled out for cataract surgery 2) referral to endocrinologist 3) swimmers ear in left ear and what is wrong with right ear and my throat hurts/sinus problems/fever 4) levothyroxine prescription.

Left ear has swimmer's ear (antibiotic drops and steroid drops); right ear has earwax buildup (mineral oil drops and some sort of peroxide drops); sinus/ear/throat infection (antibiotic).  So, I only had two degrees of temperature, but I was miserable, sleeping way to much at all the wrong times. Being ill almost cost me Thelma.

It's  been a rocky week as is evidenced by my lack of posts for a few days and no photos. Plus, if you could see the house and stack of dishes, you would know something is wrong, very wrong.

Your turn
Do you have animals that hide to be safe? Have you been on the search for a good doctor? There are plenty out there, but I cannot find one or the one I want to try is not taking new patients.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Honestly, It's Okay to Laugh! Ruined Food

While reading Rural Revolution yesterday, I was reminded of a funny incident involving cooking, a ruined meal or dish. But, my husband was the one cooking. Okay, I remember a big mistake on my part and added it.

I only made one inedible meal or dish,  and that was very early in my marriage. My husband loved the mess of meat/soup/goulash/casserole or whatever I made and ate several helpings. I thought it was disgusting. I refused to eat it and had a sandwich. He was not just being nice about it since he ate the rest later, and told my mother is was really good.

The Main Story
About five years after I married when I went to my mother's house for a week, my husband decided to make brownies that first night. He doubled the recipe. Not only did he double the recipe ingredients, he doubled the size of the pan, doubled the temperature, and doubled the cooking time.

Even children reading this know the disaster that ensued.

He said he soaked and scrubbed that pan for the whole week and asked me what went wrong. Oh, I laughed as he complained he could not even eat one bite of it. He did say he thought that maybe the fact he could not double the temperature (350) or exactly double the pan (8x8) size might be part of the problem. Thankfully, the oven did not reach 700 degrees, what he wanted. Clueless! That was the first and only thing he ever cooked in fourteen years. Would you still be laughing like I am 45 years later?

No, he did not notice the scorching smell. He thought it was chocolate he smelled.

Your turn
What is your worst dish you have cooked? Or, a terrible cooking mistake made by you or someone you know.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Madness and Cataracts?

When I went to the eye doctor on Wednesday several weeks ago, I had to have my eyes dilated for the exam. The doctor gave me the little dark eyeglass insert for my eyeglasses as I left. Okay, I put them inside my glasses and went on my way. That night when I went to the church dinner I forgot to take the inserts. The drive there was straight into the 4:45 pm setting sun. I squinted and frowned at my friend, Fred, as we talked outside the church. When we went into the building, I mentioned that indoors was much better on my eyes and I had forgotten my dark inserts.

He said he still had his in the car from last week when he had his eyes dilated. Did I want to use them? His had the pieces to go over the ear, just little sunglasses. They helped immensely. But, I could not wear my glasses with these on.

As I sat at the table, I thought that I had a bug in my hair because I could see movement in my peripheral vision on the left. I gave a little at-the-table-appropriate shriek and exclaimed there was a bug in my hair. Now, let me tell you, if you ever want to see a woman go nuts, just watch me with a bug in my hair. I knock my hair all around as I beseech those around for help in searching for the bug so I will know where to hit my hair and fluff it out. Okay, so maybe it is only lint or a leaf; it is scary.

Fred examined my hair and declared it bug free. So did the woman next to me. In a few minutes, I saw the same thing on the right side! Fred examined it more closely after I had flipped my hair around on that side of my face. Finally, he concluded it was my hair I was seeing and moved the stray pieces away from my peripheral vision. The funky cardboard/plastic ear pieces on the glasses must have pulled my hair into a funny place. ??? I am still convinced it was a bug!

As I drove home, there were flashes of light all around me. Light flew across the headliner and into my vision, onto my hands and arms and across the dashboard, over and over. It appeared from the left then from the right and back again from the left. Light flashed onto all surfaces of the car inside and caused me to think something bad was happening. Maybe an 18-wheeler was bearing down on me in a residential section? I have no idea what I thought was happening but flinched each time,  nevertheless. To say I was a nervous wreck is an understatement.

When I got out of the car at home, I realized there was a full-length mirror still in the back seat of the car, lying up about shoulder high and slanted a bit. It was just high enough that it caught the setting sun as I made several turns, causing light to flash all around the car....sigh

That Wednesday night after the dilation, I went to bed at 12:30 am and awoke at 2:30 pm on Thursday. Even on Sunday afternoon, my eyes still hurt. The dilation, exam, bug-in-my-hair scare, flashing lights that ran around in the car--all together did a number on my nerves that Wednesday. While I had not had adequate sleep the night before, there was just too much added to the pain in my eyes, eye sockets, and head.

Yes, I do sound like a skittish old lady. Exbf and Fred thought the "bug" was funny. They thought the mirror effects were hilarious.

Eye dilation seems to cause a headache that lasts for a week for me even though the nurse said that never happens. 

Oh, it seems I have mentioned the mirror before. Have I?

Your turn
Does having your eyes dilated cause you pain for so long? Any idea why my pain lasts so long?  Have you ever had strange things (like my flashing lights) happen that stressed you and made you wonder about your sanity even without the eye pain?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Walk Slow and Stay in the Shade" Plus: Catwalk

view as I exited the the car at my house--catwalk

Walk slow and stay in the shade. This is the Southern way to stay cool. Of course, sitting in the shade works, too. This saying was in evidence well before the advent of air conditioning. About 95% or my yard is in full shade. But, the part that is not in full shade is on the west and against the back side of the house.

(Yes, I know the proper word is "slowly." But that is not the saying.)

That back side of the house has a 1 foot thick rock wall about 4' high, part of the basement. So, the heat is especially horrendous back there. As I go across the back of the house, the hens' pen is in full shade always. If I walk slowly to the hens' pen, I will die in the heat. I hurry across the torrid, sunny part of the yard. Back to the cat.

closer view of the nimble cat
Sitting in the car, watching the cat, I wondered how cats do this. The squirrels often skitter across the tops of the 2x4s. If you notice, the guy who put up the fence has the boards lying flat. I have never seen a fence constructed this way.
This is the hottest weather of the year so far. I am going to go a step farther than walking slow and staying in the shade. Under ac is my plan.
cat easily steps over the vertical board


Days like today are why Southerners sat under the back-yard scuppernong arbors in a straight-back chair with a woven white oak seat and plucked one grape at a time, trying not to exert any energy.
I have not written lately because I have swimmer's ear, feel awful and had no will to write. Since I don't know how to cure swimmer's ear without visiting a doctor, I suppose I will go to Urgent Care.
Your turn
Have you ever heard this saying? Are you from the South in the US?  Do you ever wonder how cats can balance on things and walk? Well, what I really wonder if their seeming lack of fear. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Red Velvet Brownies

a little underdone, but delicious

My neighbor around the block who takes my garbage to the road has a religious group meet at his house. They are mostly young people and are not associated with any church. I have made several sheet cakes from mixes for them. One time I mentioned something about brownies or cookies or something. He said, "We are more brownie or cookie people than cake people." A gentle hint? Yes.

Since I had all these free cake mixes that I was going to give away, I decided to look for a way to turn them into brownies. My mood and back were in no mood to make cookies from the cake mix like I have done in the far past.

The brownie above was cooked in a cup and accidentally taken out of the oven too early. So, the bottom you see is a little moist. Okay, it was gooey. Theirs are done.


I used a Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake mix.
Why not?
Recipe for brownies from any cake mix:
Preheat oven:350 F
Place in bowl:
box of cake mix
1 egg
1/4 cup oil
1/3 cup water
Beat well. Put into 9x13 inch pan (or whatever size you prefer).
Bake 30 minutes or until toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean (I did not do this).
Could anything be easier? There are many recipes online to make brownies from cake mix. However, some of them have a dozen more ingredients. Why bother? I wanted simple. I am quite sure a cup full or maybe less of any add-ins would work.
Now, don't put the box in the bowl like I said. Empty the ingredients into the bowl.
I took the brownies out of the oven after I turned off the oven. I went straight out the door and drove to his house. No, no frosting since I cannot afford frosting today and did not want to stand and make frosting. The girl who took these looked happy.
I have a white cake mix that is going to get some special add-ins, just not sure what. A German Chocolate cake mix will get the icing on the brownies. The Double Fudge cake mix brownies will probably stay here.
A bunch of young people were painting his porch! I will take a picture because it is striking.
Your turn
Have you ever had Red Velvet brownies? Do you make cookies from cake mix?


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It Pays Not to Listen! + Grocery Ads

Dilation for eye exam

Surgery date is set. And, I am nervous. At least this time the dilation did not leave me with a headache for a week.

Every morsel of information on cataract surgery from people I know who have undergone the surgery adds to my feeling of security. Some of it was stressful--do not drive for a week. Don't eat or drink after midnight--Remember, I have hypoglycemia that is not fully controlled.

Finally, yesterday, I saw the doctor who will perform the surgery. He has done 35,000 cataract surgeries. That's all he ever does. However, his competence is little consolation when I will have my eye cut and something foreign inserted. Aaack,  I am not taking this well. I can drive the following day. I only have to stop eating at 6 am before surgery. Whew! Well, I doubt I will get up at 5 am just to eat. But, if I did that, I could go back to bed. Now, that is a thought.

Exbf asked at work for that day off. That still leaves me in a bind. I am supposed to have someone with me for 24 hours. Nope, he will buy our dinner and head home. Every time I have been told to have someone with me for 24 hours, I never have. Plus, I must see my regular eye doctor the day after surgery, and he will release me to drive. The office is only two miles from my house, so I am tempted to drive myself.

September 23, 2014 is the day. Nothing I have been told has proven to be true with this doctor.

NOT August 23rd!

Local Grocery Ads

Six local grocery ads

There were six ads in the mailbox today. I went through the ads, ready to mark what I wanted to buy this week. There were really good deals, but not on things I buy.

There was one thing I will get against my better judgment. TREET  I had never tasted Spam until last year. As a child, we ate Treet because my parents preferred it. We rarely ever had it, so it was really good with pan-fried potatoes. You know the kind? Right? They are as greasy as French fries. I slice and fry Treet. It is $1/can. I really don't know the regular price, so I will have to investigate prices. Maybe I will only buy one can just for old time's sake.

The only thing I will buy this week is fresh vegetables. Actually, I will buy just a bag of salad greens. Tuesday, I bought milk. Of course, I still need to look at the Publix and Kroger ads.

Your turn
Have you had cataract surgery? Any problems? Anything I need to know?  Don't hold back about problems. I need to know! Do you ever have weeks when the ads are overloaded with sales and then other weeks when there is not a lot to buy that you want AND on sale?

Make Your Own Calcium Supplements


"We all worry about maintaining our health at the best of times, doing so after a collapse will be difficult to say the least. Bone heath MUST be maintained at all costs. A weakening of the skeletal system is quite normal with advancing age, but we need to make sure we don’t suffer from premature bone aging which causes  weak bones or even osteoporosis. When the only people we can rely on are ourselves and our survival group we have to take every opportunity to use what we have to our best advantage. "

While talking to a PhD in Poultry Science, he mentioned that in a city in Russia where he visited, that egg shells were reserved for consumption by children.

While I was looking for information about calcium, I found this very thorough explanation right Here.  I was not concerned about a collapse, just wanted information about calcium.

I am glad the author included other sources of calcium other than the egg shells.

The calcium in egg shells can be beneficial to dogs and other animals. First, heat the egg shells to hide the smell of eggs so that you will not encourage dogs to eat eggs.

Your turn
Would you use egg shells to enrich your diet or your children's diet?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Will a Cat Kill Chickens?

Unknown sends nasty messages and told me that a cat will not kill chickens. The cat I saw was not  sweet Sophia. My neighbor who has cats said there is a mean cat that looks like Sophia. I Googled the question and this is the answer.  Remember, these are juvenile chickens. A cat has swiped a chick in the past.

I do not think this mean cat would go for my full grown Rhode Island Red, just the juvenile chicks. Then, again, maybe it was not a cat. Maybe it was the two dogs who went after me. They have been locked up and barking as I have gotten the chickens from the yards behind me.

At any rate, I am thinking of everything that runs loose around here. However, I was not off the mark as far as a cat killing chickens.

There have been many times the chickens walk right past a cat in the yard, so they are not fearful as they are when a raccoon shows up.

The other day, I heard a great commotion near the back door. I rushed to see what was happening. Thelma, the huge hen, jumped up on the railing and sat close to the door. Patsy Cline was headed around the back of the house. The little one had feathers flying, as a cat ran away as I yelled at it. Sooo, we do have a cat that will attack chickens. It was probably only after the little one.

Your turn
Have you ever had a cat that killed chickens, even once? Have you had cats and chickens peacefully coexist?


August 11, 2014
Of course, the store had to shove the school supplies over a bit to get started. This made me sad. How many children will have gotten so much Halloween exposure, not to mention candy and trinkets by Halloween to take the thrill away?

Your turn
Have you seen Halloween items out yet?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monster Spider--What Kind? Chickens

Spider and funny zig zag on web

It is getting pretty scary around here. Dogs one night and spider the next day. As I went out to my car to get my purse about 8 am, I was met by this. The whole door was covered by the web. I usually just step out the door in a fog that early in the morning. But, this spider is three inches long, maybe longer. Since I wanted a picture of it, I tried to just break the web at the edge at the door facing.

When I pulled at a little place, I could hear the web break. It was so creepy. By the time I got back from the car with the camera ready, it was gone. Today, I suppose it got the idea I would come and open the door, so the web is on the back of the porch, right next to the door where the light inside probably attracts bugs.

This monster spider can stay if it continues to keep the door window free of bugs. That way, I don't have to rush to get in. Usually, flying bugs get in anyway.

Does anyone know what kind of spider this is? Look at the little zig zag ladder-like thing under the spider. What is that? What is the purpose? It had one of those over the door window, too.



When I went out to hang up clothes, I put them in a trash bag. I cannot carry the laundry basket or the huge stainless steel bowl that I use sometimes. So, I use a trash bag and make several trips. I can hold the bag of wet clothing close to my body and I don't hurt as much.

Well, that bag is not something I carry near the hens. They decided it was scary, so they all ran away. In the beginning they were frightened of towels on the line. Now, they don't care. Snapping a piece of laundry to make it dry faster and softer does not make them run. But,  plastic garbage bag is obviously much scarier. Silly hens!

The little one is taller than Patsy Cline (on right) but does not have the heft. The exbf commented that Patsy Cline is almost as tall as Thelma (on left.).

Your turn
Do you know what kind of spider I have outside my door? Are your chickens skittish of anything new at first?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Venus of Willendorf...ME? Goddess? ME?

a woman whose great charm or beauty arouses adoration.

Yes, I arouse with my great charm and

Thank you, Janet.

What do you think?
Does that card remind you of this famous little statue? Except, the statue has no clothes and no face.

Venus of Willendorf
While in no way does my figure look like either of the Goddess or Venus figures (just a disclaimer), the card is from my sweet blogger friend, Janet. You can read about the Venus of Willendorf on your own. Pronounce the "W" as "V."
Janet always sends me the cutest cards that I photograph and never post. Thanks, Janet!
Your turn
While I always like cards sent to me, some people send cards that are so different and charming that they are really cherished. Besides, she sends them often. So, they stand out.

Grocery Deals and Rebates

I purchased my 4 12-packs

Regular price: $4.38 (I think)
Sale Price: $2.75
Every time a store has a really good deal, Walmart drops their prices on the item. WM had these 12-packs marked $3 each. However, this was a better deal.

4 for $11=2.75 each as opposed to WM $3 markdown.

Since I had to cash two checks at this store anyway, I got the better deal at the store advertising this price instead of price-matching at Walmart.

I never cash my little extra checks for mystery shopping at the bank. This store cashes small checks for free.

Suddenly Salad

Suddenly Pasta Salad Ranch and Bacon
Regular Price at WM: $1.98
Sale Price Match: $0.99
Savings: 50%

Suddenly Salad Ranch and Bacon is the only variety I eat. I make it with about a 2 Tablespoons of mayonaisse and some milk instead of the half cup of mayo that the box calls for.  All those nasty dried green peas have to come out and be fed to the hens. When I boil the pasta, I often drop a half cup of shredded carrot into  the boiling water. Then, I only use half the cooked pasta, saving the rest for another day. I get a really spicy pasta and another meal from this $1 box. 

That other meal from the SS cooked pasta is shredded Italian Kraft Five Cheese, the same one I get for half price. Chopped or shredded chicken and olive oil with the shells pasta makes for a tasty meal the next day.

Two weeks ago, I bought ten (10) boxes. So far, I have eaten only one box. Showing restraint is hard because this is scrumptious.

Energizer Checks and Gift Card

two checks for $10 each=$20 from Energizer

These came in the mail this week...yay for me and Christmas.

$10 gift card

This came to exbf's house where he signed up with some of the coupons from batteries. When they all come in to me, I will have $80 in gift cards and the $20 I got in the checks. Plus, my daughter will receive two $10 gift cards. I suppose she can give them to her son when he goes to school or use them when she drives to Long Island.  That makes $100 for me. Of course, I had to buy a boatload of batteries, but those will be for Christmas presents. Win, win.

I hope they have this rebate again.

Total Energizer rebates this week: $30.

Free Meat

Three racks of ribs and a 5 lb. Cooked turkey breast.

Your turn
Have you taken part in the WM Energizer rebate? I know one person did. If you did, how many WM gift cards will you have? Are Cokes cheap near you? Did your area have Suddenly Salad sale?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The King is Dead: August 16, 1977

Elvis Aaron Presley
We all loved Elvis, except for my father. One day, I asked Daddy if he liked this song as "Love Me Tender" was playing on the radio. Daddy agreed it was pretty good, that guy could sing. Of course, he was disgusted it was Elvis he had complimented.
A girl at the college I attended told us she partied with Elvis and asked me if I wanted to go. I knew I would have been in over my head, but said I wanted to go. Of course, she never asked me to go with her.
When I was married, we lived just south of Graceland. One day in 1968, while I was working my part-time job at TG&Y, just  mile from Graceland, someone said Elvis was on a horse in his front yard, playing Christmas songs and singing. I almost told the manager I would be back in a little while
While we lived in that location, my NY bil came to visit. For all the times I passed Graceland, it was commonplace. The bil just annoyed me to no end as we had to stop at Graceland every time we passed by. I had never, ever stopped in front of the house and certainly would never have gotten out and gawked. This was Elvis' home.
When L was five-years-old, she announced earnestly that she was going to marry Elvis when she grew up. She was so convinced that it would happen and wanted me to agree. Finally, I told her that when she grew up that Elvis would be as old as Pepaw, my father. She cried and grieved all night about that fact. The child was so sad for a week that I wished I had left off the last detail. She would have forgotten her desire eventually.
When I heard Elvis had died, August 16, 1977, we lived here. I was pulling into the parking lot of the city pool to pick up my children just as the news broke. My best friend arrived at the identical time. As we both emerged from our cars with babies in our arms, I told her Elvis had died. She laughed nervously and said I was teasing. Then, she looked fearful as I told her it was true. Tears came to our eyes. The babies wondered why we were crying. Both my older children cried. L was seven-years-old by then. The boy, J, was nine-years old. My husband was puzzled at all the tears. But, we cried most of the evening. The baby, almost two, cried out of concern and sympathy.
My youngest sister living in Memphis took the middle sister's daughter, also seven,  and they stood for six hours at Graceland to view the body. A few years later, we went on the Graceland tour. Somewhere, I have pictures of my children at the graves of Elvis and his mother.
I had my sister buy four copies of the Memphis Press Scimitar (or Commercial Appeal) for the three children and me. If I had thought of it sooner, I would have gotten it out and would have taken a picture of it. I always wanted to attend one of his concerts, but that was not to be.
No, I don't think any less of the man for his foibles or faults. He only wanted to sing and had many people shoving him in the direction that benefited them instead of him.
My son was born in April 1968, and Lisa Marie Presley was born earlier that year, supposedly delivered by someone in the same group of ob/gyns that delivered my son. I just checked that fact. Yes, they were in the same office.
Tales of his generosity abound in Memphis. One day, he passed a couple on the side of the road. Apparently, their old car broke down. He took them to a dealership and bought them a new car.
I loved Heartbreak Hotel, Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, In the Ghetto, Suspicious Minds, and so many others.
Your turn
Did you like Elvis? All his songs are my favorites? What are your favorites? Any special memories? Did you see him in concert?

Friday, August 15, 2014

I Gave a Little Shriek


Oh my goodness!

I gave a little shriek as I came to these Oreos in the middle of the aisle. Surely, people noticed, but I was caught up in my own little orgasm of cookie dough. Original Oreos are the #1 WORST cookie in my opinion. But, Cookie Dough? How can those be horrid? So, they came home with me.
Cookie Dough Oreos are delicious! The middle sort of squeezes out as you eat the cookie, so there is a bit of licking going on, too. I like licking.
When I am offered a regular Oreo, I scrape off all the white middle. It is gross and only sugar and lard. I imagine Cookie Dough Oreos are filled with vitamins and minerals necessary for life. Actually, there are chocolate chips in the cookie dough, so that is a good thing. Right?
These are a Limited Edition. So, save yourself and don't shop for a few months.
Your turn
Have you had any of the Oreo Cookie Dough flavor? Like them? Do you hate the white stuff in original Oreos as much as I do?


Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Don't Do Circles!

Just when I find someone whose blog I might want to read after an interesting comment, I cannot read. Why do I have to join a circle? I want to read Mama. bonnie or Bonnie.mama, but I cannot. Why?

I have to join a stupid circle. (Nothing personal Bonnie.)

What is a circle? I don't mean a round thing. I mean a Circle. Is this like a kumbaya circle? Traffic circle? The circle of Life? Nope, not joining a circle no matter how interesting you are. Why are you in a circle?

Is this like an exclusive club? I am shut out? Well, la ti da to you, too!

Are we circling to fight off Indians that we antagonized in the first place? Somebody tell me. Everybody tell me. Maybe then I will get it.

Is it another arm of social media? Gaaaah! Help! I refuse to twitter. I barely go to facebook. Oh, I bet it has a sign-in every time I want to read something. No thanks! It's probably hard to get out of after I have spilled my guts with all my personal information. Will it be linked to facebook because someone needs another bazillion friends? Bet so! Can you believe "bazillion" did not get a red line under it?

You got a circle you want to rope me into joining? Well, just lasso me and throw me in. Do not make me sign up for one more thing. Help!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dick Check

Okay, I cannot help but share what Sonya Ann posted today. Put your drink down and swallow that bite of whatever. Go pee if you need to pee.

Okay? Now go over to her place.

Is that hilarious or what?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dog Attack: Update

This Sunday morning about 4:30 am, I decided I wanted to have a little $1 pizza since I went to bed at 7:30 and had not dinner before retiring for the night. Since I knew I had not put water in the ice tray and pizza calls for cold Coke, I preheated the oven and left to get a 50 cent coke at a nearby machine.

As I came to the house from the car, I heard a jingling, snuffling and scratching of the gravel. I stopped short and all sounds continued. I whirled around as a dog jumped at me. My best weapon is a blood-curdling scream that I could not stifle if I wanted to. Two dogs were too much. I screamed, shrieked, yelled for help as I swung my purse wildly.

During the three minutes or so that I kept advancing on them and screaming, I finally worked my way back to the car and managed to open the car door which I had locked, turn and chase them away and leapt into the car. They remained barking and snarling. I was so frightened it took me about six attempts to dial the police. My voice was shaking so when I talked. I was shaking uncontrollably even after I hung up the phone.

After a few minutes, I opened the car door to be met by snarling dogs running back to me from the rear of the car. I had a plan and had my camera ready to shoot. I got three pictures of them, I think, one for sure. The trouble is, I shot in the dark and cannot get the dogs picture with my little Kodak program.

The pants I had on are a raggedy mess, unfit to wear only in the back yard. I knew I would see no one and would not be stopped by the police and forced to walk a line, so I just left in what I had on. And, then someone is going to see me. Thankfully, I did not have on the raggedy blouse that would have made me look homeless and demented.

Animal Control arrived and got out cautiously, asking me, "Okay, where are the dogs?" Of course, I did not know, but told him where they were last. He headed for the back yard, a very narrow passage that I could see because it is well-lighted. However, there is the big, vast other side of the yard where I would not have seen them go, right back where the hens are. So, I suggested he go that way where I had three hens in a pen, an area that might attract them. He did.

Nothing. As we walked to the back to the side door, he shone the light all around. I was even afraid to go on the porch. I have found dogs on my porch in the past.

I could not identify the dog breed. He wanted to know if it was large or small. Are pitbulls large? He said they weren't. I do remember they were big-jawed dogs. So, I measured from the ground and with my hands for the length. Oh, one appeared to be the mother dog and the other was a large puppy. The mother seemed concerned with the puppy and the puppy kept getting in the way, looking to mother for what to do next. The puppy kept tripping the big dog. I think maybe the puppy's distracting the mother is the only thing that saved me from being bitten. Well, my swinging the purse kept them moving back so I could get back in the car.

I cannot walk backward and knew I could not move backward to the backyard and side door without falling down in the dark, navigating a step down and a turn and then the steps up to the door. Besides, every time I looked away, they took that as their chance and charged me again. I was looking for a big stick, rocks, or maybe to try and get onto the hood of the car. The dogs knew when I was not looking at them.

After the Animal Control officer had looked for the dogs, I commented they did not tear my pants. He said, "I sure am glad." I guess he had seen my bare legs and raggedy pants and wondered.

Then, it hit me. I knew those dogs. They live on the street behind me, in the house behind my neighbor's house.

Through all this, not one neighbor came out to see what was going on, if I needed help--nothing. And, some of you suggest asking a neighbor for whatever. But, I probably disturbed their sleep they need to go to church and be good Christians. Oh, forgot that only happens in the pews. You certainly don't want to see about an elderly neighbor who is alone and can barely walk and screaming her head off, even if she is 12 feet from your bedroom window.

And, the pizza was horrid. I usually get cheese, but they were all gone. Instead, I purchased a bbq chicken pizza. It was way too hot. BBQ is not supposed to be hot!

Mostly, I am totally fearless about going out at night to take a walk when I could take a walk. The best time for a walk is about 2 am. For about a year or so, I took a walk at 9:30 pm and 5:30 am, all without a bit of fear. Now, I am afraid in my own yard after these dogs! While I am fearless, I am also easily terrorized.

I will never go out after dark without a weapon--wasp spray? I don't have a gun or I would have blasted them to the doggy heaven in the sky.

When it is daylight, I will see if their are traces of yellow feathers to their yard catty-cornered from me. The feather trails did come from the pen across the back yard. I just never followed them any farther, not to the edge/corner of the yard. Now, I think that they went into the pen and got the little chickens after they were down from their sleeping box.

Usually, I can get a picture from totally black photos taken in the dark. Now, I cannot. Does anyone have a program to get these pictures out of the black?

And, I have a splitting headache.

The woman next door had her bf spending the night as he often does. I saw him in a store this noon and he just spoke casually as an employee would, "How are you today?" There was not a real question that might be about last night, just a casual convention, a pleasantry

Your turn
I am sorry, but I don't need to hear about how well you can walk, walk backwards, have friends and family to assist you, are not terrified by lunging dogs, have neighbors that are good as gold, or like hot hot bbq, or you have  a gun.

Other than you faced dogs who were up to no good? What did you do.

Okay, I don't mind your having a gun and stuff, but you know how people are with their 20/20 hindsight and "oughta, coulda, shoulda" stories to make you feel guilty and worse.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Last Sunday Morning

Last Sunday morning, I arose late and finally went to feed the hens and let them out for the day. Imagine my surprise when they were all by the porch steps. Well, not all of them. One little one was not present. I just fed them their oats by the porch steps. Hoping against hope, I started to the pen. The last little one, started to eat, but when I passed her on the way out back to the pen, she came right beside me, walking in the position where a dog would heel. She did not run into me and cross in front, almost tripping me as the little ones always do. As I looked down and watched her, she seemed to be possessed of a mission.

She was so different than usual. I went into the pen and she came in, also. I looked around and noticed she was looking around also, not walking around, just turning her head and body, barely moving her feet. We trampled on the little, delicate, yellow feathers. We were both hoping that the other little one was somewhere, just anywhere.  We were sad. It was evident from our long walk and time in the pen all this disturbed her.

I have learned that chickens have real feeling of loss. When Thelma was the last left after something ate Pepper, and I killed Louise the same day, Thelma just sat and moped on the table. Only her wanting to kill new girl Patsy Cline helped her out of her depression and loneliness. Unfortunately, rage was the antidote. Hate gave her a new reason to live, but the next night, they cuddled.

Last Sunday night, I could have sworn that I closed the door to the pen. Then, I started imagining someone was opening the door to cause mischief. But, that is not true. It was my fault.

This last little one better be a girl. She is almost the size of Patsy Cline. She is already as tall as Patsy Cline, but is not as sturdy looking. The comb is showing and still very pale pink.

Your turn
Once again, I am sure some of you understand predators and mistakes. Those who don't, just keep it to yourselves. I am not in the mood. Do you ever realize that even a chicken, can grieve and look for the lost one? Do you ever sense that the others look to you for help, yes, even a chicken?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pitting Cherries--what works



Two cups of pitted cherries now grace my freezer. Last week, there were many more, but I ate a few every day. Last week, I tried pitting a few with a straw from fast food. It crumpled. This week, I tried something new to pit them. At $1.95/lb., I splurged on cherries.
plastic straw
After crumpling the end of a soda straw, I decided to use something a little more sturdy. The heavy plastic straw above was the tool that worked. First, I used the end to the right. But, it was wobbly in my hand. See the ripples that make it bendy? Then I changed and used the end without the ridges.
I had to figure out how to hold the cherry so I would not just demolish the whole cherry while trying to get the pit out. I finally figured it out after trial and error. By holding the cherry where the straw would exit between my index finger and middle finger, I managed not to crush cherries. When the pit sticks in the straw, just squeeze the straw a bit.
I put the rinsed cherries in a colander. Then, I realized I wanted to put it in my lap, so I put a cloth underneath the cherries and inside the colander. I pitted them over the bowl I needed them to be in eventually. Quickly, I figured out that I had to pick each pit from the bowl. So, I pitted the cherries over the colander of cherries. That worked.
This was tricky because the cherries were often punctured on the side because of my aim with the straw or just inattention.  One pit with a bit of red juicy flesh popped out into my lap and landed in my crotch. Yes, the red juice stained my pants! Right in the crotch is not good even if I am alone. Later, I figured I had sprinkle my pant leg, the ottoman, and my laptop...sigh. Thankfully, these pants have huge holes in them. How huge are the holes? Well, the pants are not longer decent. Okay, nothing shows, the condition is just shocking. Do cherries stain?

in the beginning
A very quick dip in vinegar water, then a rinse is all these needed. When I was at WM, I checked out the cherry pitter that pits multiple cherries at one time--six, I think. At $12.97, I took a pass on that gadget.

If cherries are still $1.95 anywhere, I will get more to dehydrate. Maybe I will cut those in quarters. What do you think? Plus, I am going to search the kitchen drawer where I keep stuff like this and find a stiff plastic straw, one that is not bendy, that is.

I cannot stand maraschino cherries. I can barely stand cherry pie. I love fresh cherries--different variety, I understand.

Your turn
First--does that initial picture make your mouth water? Do you like fresh cherries? Have you ever pitted cherries? What means did you use? Is cherry jam good?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Am I a genius, or what? Maybe lazy?

tiny, cheap knife

I have knives all over--fairly good knives, one that rusts and is a great knife, old steak knives--gift from my mother, one from a wedding gift that was cheap even then in1966, one that fell in my driveway during the tornado, another bought at a yard sale, one that will cut bones, four cheapies from a set. I even have three cheese slicers. So, when I need to cut cheese, I will use anything except the bone cutter or the cheese knives.

tiny knife, perfect for cheese cutting

If cheese nibbling occurs often during my day, I may use a half dozen knives. Usually, the dirty knife is put in the sink, left on the counter or in a bowl of water with the rest of the utensils, or put into the dishwasher but never to be used again before I put it in the dishwasher or hand wash it. I know I could rinse/wash and dry a knife, but many times my back does not want to stand there another second!

Last night, I used one of the cheapies and stuck it in the refrigerator cheese drawer. Well, it says meat drawer, but I keep cheese and tiny condiment packages in there. Today, I just used the same knife--four times. Each time it was returned to the refrigerator drawer.  

The tiny knives come four in a package at Walmart for $0.98. Often these knives accompany me and food when I take cheese or other soft foods with me. If I lose one, no problem. I am quite sure there are a few under the car seat since this is my third set in about six years. The whole knife is the length of the block of cheese with a 2.5 inch blade. you won't be skinning moose or even small possum road kill, but it serves my purpose.

In the past at different times I have stored a glass of ice, a paper plate, tiny saucer and cup to use again. Years ago, I had a dedicated glass I stored in the door of the refrigerator so I could drink water without getting a new glass or leaving it where a stray insect could land or walk on it.

Your turn
Do you ever store plate, knife, glass in the refrigerator to use another time before washing it?

18th Century Recipes

I came across this series of videos that are very interesting. The pot pudding and milk pancakes sound like some recipes I might try. I am up too late due to pain in gall bladder or something in that vicinity. James Townsend and Son has a website that is listed on the videos.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Copy Paper: $2/Ream and Cheese Deal

Ten chunks @ $1.50 each

Six 8-oz. bags @ $1.50 each

A store in the country had Kraft 8 oz. chunks, bags, and slices on a BOGO deal or $1.50 each when two were purchased. I thought 16 chunks and bags would last me until the next sale or beyond. The savings rate was 48% on this purchase.

Okay, now for the ream of copy paper. Since I did not have a picture, I put this last. But, I wanted it first in the title. I know I should make a decision and make the title and the post parallel. Whatever! But, that is what I would tell a student.

At Office Max online, the ad states that the copy paper is $2. However, when I got in the store, it was $6.49 and $2 after the rebate. (I missed the rebate part.) I actually could afford the cost, so I decided to purchase two reams. But, I had no idea how to get the rebate. So, I asked how to get the rebate before I had her ring it up. Well, she was little miss brightness and positivity. "Online."

Okay, where online?

"It should be in the ad." I didn't see it. Can you show me?

She grabbed the ad and with all her certainty could not find the rebate form or information. "Well, I am sure it is online." Where? "Probably on the online ad." Can you show me please? Nope, not online at all. She turned the copy paper over and said brightly, "Right here! Here is the address of the company. Just get in touch with them."

Hmmm, there should be something with "rebate" written on it. Don't ring it up until you find the rebate form for me.

She was itching to ring it up because the line was getting longer and longer. Plus, it was 6:45 pm, and they close at 6 pm. People were coming and going and the doors were unlocked when I arrived about 6:15, so I thought they were staying open late because of school sales.

At this point, she used her little collar phone and asked someone who did not know. Finally, someone told her. "The rebate form will come out with the receipt." She rang up the paper to finish my transaction, and we both looked at the receipt and back to the register to see if it was being spit out. Nope. Sooo, she told the manager who was right behind me. She told me to wait at the end of the register and someone would help me. The way she said it was downright demeaning. I am not a dog who is told to sit or a child who must receive directions in that tone of voice. But, I just did as I was told and kept my cool. I refuse to raise my blood pressure and have a stroke over another's stupidity or ignorance.

The manager told me to go to the print department and so-and-so would help me. Now, you must know my back was killing me and one knee. Sooo, I slowly pushed the cart over, leaning on it heavily and showed my receipt. He handed me a $10 bill. Yay me! I will go back tomorrow and get another two reams of paper. Hopefully, I won't get a rebate form and can get the $10 instant rebate again.

Savings rate: 69%

Plus, this was our tax-free weekend for school supplies and clothing.

Your turn
Have you seen this cheese deal in your area? Do you have an Office Max or Office Depot to get cheap copy paper? What great deals have you found this week?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Battery Rebate Here

I found this LINK for the Energizer batteries. Hope this helps. Scroll down.

The RAT Needs to Die!

See bottom right corner.
He ate ALL the cake mix!

Several days and nights, I have heard a sound. A few of those times it sounded like a larger animal. It sounded like a book might have fallen off a stack and onto the floor. Sometimes, the sound seemed to come from a room I cannot access.

I have a box sitting in front of a tall cabinet. One day, I reached over the box to get something out of the cabinet. I managed to knock off a can, box of something and a plastic squeeze bottle of mustard.  Because my back was hurting and I was in a hurry, I did not pick them up. Two days later, I struggled to get them. There was rat evidence on the can top. Uh oh. It appeared the mustard bottle had a hole in it, a hole that was not there two days before.  The box had a corner gone. RAT!

Exbf aka MGF (my good friend) was coming the next day--Thursday. So, I had him put a poison packet there. Several years ago, I spent the night in ER from just the packet of mouse poison. He washed and dried his hands at my request so I would not be exposed at all to the poison. He had to come back on Friday to pick up his car. The whole packet was gone! At least, I could not find it. He took the flashlight and examined the area and all around. Gone.

While I was cooking on Friday afternoon/evening, I heard a big scruffling around sound behind the table. Terrified, I asked him to come look. He saw nothing. That sound could have been on the outside of the house. It sort of sounded like it even when I first heard it. Or, it could have been in the basement.

Scruffling? I don't know how to explain it.

There is one more packet of rat poison, so I will don rubber gloves and put it out. We left the open food, so that the smell will/may attract him again. I suspect the RAT is dead. But, I will never hesitate to poison another since some guy (Jess maybe?) said my hens won't bother a poisoned rat.

ACK! It is not cold, so they cannot be coming for shelter. I have no bird food around, either.

Oh, after the rat this winter, I found evidence that a mouse recently was under the sink! You would think that with all the cats that come around, they would clean this up. I just had a light bulb thought. Since the groundhog took up residence under my house, no cats go under there or are around the yard.

Now, the groundhog must go so my rodent eradicator machines will come back.

Okay, I added the picture and took it when it was in the trash on raw chicken. He could have eaten another flavor! I wonder if chocolate is lethal to rats.  Why, Oh, Why did he have to eat chocolate?

Your turn
Does it make sense that the groundhog taking up residence has caused the cats to stay away and the rodents to return?

Friday, August 1, 2014

$10 Closer to Christmas

Remember these? I bought Energizer batteries, 2 8-packs, entered the codes on the internet, and received $10 gift cards. So far, I have three of these ($30) for Christmas and am expecting one more. Exbf turned in enough of my codes to get me 4 more $10 cards. I will be set for Christmas!

Your turn
Did anyone turn in codes and receive these cards?

Jim 'N Nick's hot hot BBQ

biscuits with loads of cheese inside
These were the star of the day for me. We got the first of a new batch from the oven. Let me say, there was molten cheese inside, enough to injure a person. The waitress warned us and we bit into them gingerly after breaking them open.

Jim 'N Nick's opened their first restaurant in about 1989 in Birmingham. Slowly, they have opened other restaurants. They opened on here about six months ago. Have you ever eaten in Jim 'N Nick's around the Birmingham area?

BBQ, slaw, macaroni and cheese
Macaroni and cheese is not my choice for a bbq meal, but I just ordered it. It was a lucky choice. The mac n cheese cut the heat from the meal. It was pretty nasty with very little cheese and a gritty half-warm white sauce. YUCK. But, it cut the heat of the bbq. Not much sauce served on the meat was lucky for me!

slaw on bbq
I was not having much luck cooling the fire of the bbq sauce by eating a bite of bbq and bite of slaw. Besides, When I have a bbq sandwich, I always put slaw on top of the bbq in the sandwich. This was superb after I dumped some slaw on the bbq. After I ate the slaw and the top of the bbq, I dumped the rest of the slaw on the rest of the meat.

Four choices:
smoked chipotle, original concoction, habanero, tabasco
Before our meal arrived, I took the two sauces in the middle and put a dot of each on my bread plate, thinking I would see which I wanted on my meat. The original was horrendously hot. It turned out, this had been sloshed on my meat in the kitchen. The habanero almost killed me. And, I only got it on the end of the fork! I was trying to drink water and gasping. My good friend (that is how exbf prefers I refer to him) asked me why I tried the habanero when I knew it would be too hot. Well, it was not well-lighted and I did not look for labels because these looked like generic bottles. From the back, they were

I love bbq, but not hot bbq. I did not grow up with this in Memphis. There are some great places there, none of which are hot. Well, they weren't years ago. I had three glasses of water and another to go.

This was not my choice in eating places. MGF picked this out. I informed him he was taking me out to eat as we were inside the car place, buying the car. He asked "where?" and I said "anywhere you want to go."  So, he picked Jim 'N Nicks. When I heard long ago they had white sauce and vinegar bbq sauce, I had determined I was not eating there. But, I did with no complaint. It turned out they had red, white and vinegar bbq sauce.

Today, Friday, he is coming  back to pick up the vehicle. He made arrangements for the loan with his credit union. Then, when he found the car, he was to go in and sign the papers. The dealer, credit union person, and mgf were talking while I sat and touched up my nail polish before dinner. My job was done. That credit union meeting and signing happens after work today. The credit union will pay the car dealer. He can come back and drive away his new car. He will leave the old car here at my house to sell it.

Before dinner, he changed the chicken water and we locked them up. Thelma was not happy! I promised him I would fix him a nice dinner today. I slept from 7 pm and last night until 3:30 this morning. It is now 5:30 am, and I dread fixing But, I will. Okay, now for a trip to WM for goodies on sale. A nap is in order later this

cutie in her bumbo
Ooops, I forgot this precious baby with her family, eating in the large, covered patio.

Your turn
Do you eat and like fiery bbq? Or, are you like me, preferring something really mild? Has anyone eaten at Jim 'N Nick's and have an opinion of their food? Do you love the slaw in your sandwich or on top of the bbq? Isn't car shopping exhausting? !!!